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This is my portfolio of work samples from three years of education at the University of Brighton, plus some additional work I've done like exhibitions.

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Portfolio Christina Rosholt

  1. 1. CHRISTINA GRÅBERG RØSHOLT BA Hons Interior Architecture University of Brighton 2009-2012 christina.g.rosholt@gmail.com Mobile: +44 (0) 7518503989 +47 98248105 PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. FINAL PROJECT// STUDIO: DRAWING SPACE: ICD TITLE: MADE YOUR MARK - creating a drawing environment
  3. 3. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD Concept: Based on the research about Shoreham, and the Derive, a concept about “organized chaos” has developed. As most other cities Shoreham has a lot of things going on, but in an organized way. Shoreham-by-Sea is a town with a lot of industry and a big port. It seems messy and chaotic, but it is quite easy to move around. There is a main road which combines it all togheter, with bridges and smaler streets to create a pattern around the town which allows you to easily move from one place to another. On the other hand, there is a lot of contrasts in this town and it makes it even more chaotic and a bit confusing. You can stand in one place and look at the sea, then you can just turn around and find yourself staring at a tower of containers and old, rusty boats floating in front of you. Shoreham gives you the chill in someplaces with the scrap yard, large cargo ships and industrial sites, but on the other hand it can also be very peaceful and calming on the beach, at the seafront and by the lighthouse. Based on these observations, the concept has developed into creating the feeling of organized chaos, with several things going on and a route which combines it all together. The concept has developed further from the initial drawings, so it is also about using apertures and reflections to create spaces within the site. Programme: The programme is about creating a new series of spaces within the site, where you have different things going on, it will become a route of actions from start to finish of a drawing process. The process will start with a bike station where the public can come and borrow a bike and take a bike ride around Shoreham to find inspiration and interesting things. When they get back into the space, they can start drawing things and create a drawing environment within the space. The drawings will be created in a traditional way with pen and paper, and also by letting the artists free and allow them to draw on the building. They can draw on the walls, floor and ceiling, with pens, paint, charcoal and also scratch into the steel walls if they want to. The programme is about creating a drawing environment and letting people leave their marks on the studio. An additional programme is added with the extra entrance at the south end of the building. This programme consists of the darkrooms and pho- tostudios on the ground floor, which will be open 24 hours for people who wants to use them. The drawing studios will be closed off so people can use the darkrooms and photostudios when they want. Make your mark. Site and client: The aim for this project is to create a centre in Brighton for The Drawing Room and the Campaign for Drawing. The Drawing Room is a non-profit gallery based in London, dedicated to the investigation and presentation of contemporary drawing. The Campaign for Drawing is an independent charity which raises the profile of drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. The proposed site for this project is a warehouse unit in Shoreham-by-Sea, which is a little seaside town about 4 miles west of Brighton and Hove city centre. Shoreham is a small town with a large port, which makes this site into a very industrial place. There is also a nice beach and some nice housing areas around Shoreham and a peaceful little town centre with a church and some shops. There is a main road going from Brighton to Shoreham, and it continues all the way through Shoreham, it connects it all together and also it divides part of the town from the sea. MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment Project introduction CGR
  4. 4. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Site analysis/Derive Genius loci of Shoreham-by- Sea After doing a Derive of Shoreham-by-Sea, a concept about “organised chaos” derived. Shore- ham has got a lot of things going on at the same time, it is industrial, busy, peaceful and quiet at the same time. You can stand in one place and face the peaceful sea and be in a really quiet environment, then you can turn around and you are facing the port and its busy industry. While walking around Shoreham you find yourself a bit lost at times and you go from peaceful to busy in no time. Therefore this idea about “organised chaos”. Diagram of Shoreham showing the light house and the church tower, which can be seen from several spaces around Shore- ham Derive route taken aroind Shoreham from east to west, one end to the other Observations made on the Derive, placing sites along the walk route like warehouses, stores, public buildings etc. Diagram showing the “peaceful” areas of Shoreham and how you can get to them Words that came to mind while analysing the site and doing the Derive Sketch section of Shoreham from the beach, showing light house Map and diagrams of Shoreham-by-Sea, locating places around and getting to know the town better
  5. 5. Christina Gråberg Drawing MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR The site and the existing The site is The Malthouse Estate Unit 4, located by the A259 Brighton Road about 4 miles west of Brighton city centre. The site is one of four modern purpose built industrial/warehouse units of steel framed construction with partial brick and block elevations and partial profiled steel clad elevations. The buildings main structure is a steel portal frame. The existing warehouse consists of a big open space in half of the building and half of it built with two floors which includes smaller individual rooms, offices and a mezzanine floor. Plans and sections of the existing building 1:100
  6. 6. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Strategy Entrance Cloack room Toilets Drawing studios Drawing studios Computer desks Alternative entrance (soutfacing) Photostudios Cloak room + Bike station Office x 2 Archive (ground floor) Gallery space lit with glass boxes Gallery Bridge x 3 Cafe/bar Darkrooms ground floor Bridge Toilets Ground floor The new strategy for the site is based on the concept of “organised chaos” and how you can use light to manipulate a space and create this feel- ing of chaos with light reflecting of the surfaces of the space. The strategy is about placing walls in the space which will pertrude through the two floors and up to the roof and let light in. These walls are at different angles, leading people through the space in a kind of maze. Inserting these walls at different angles creates the chaos, and the way they are carefully placed regarding to the portal frame and what their purpose for the interior is, it creates the organisation of the space. The strategy is about a drawing process and the way the interior is made leads you through this route from inspiration and ideas to final drawings displayed on the walls and in the gallery. Small renders showing the different drawing and exhibition spaces, and how the walls have multipurposes by being drawn on and used as a gallery. The walls also has desks and areas for smaller drawing and computer work.
  7. 7. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Construction and circulation The idea for the design is to insert walls that pertrude through the floors and the roof and it creates a roof light which shines all the way down to the ground floor. These drawings explains the structure of the building and shows the creation of the new proposal step by step. It starts with the portal frame, then the walls and the floor is put in, before the roof and roof lights are added at the end to complete the build- ing. These drawings are diagrams of the design proposal showing the circulation with the stairs and doors, allowing people to move around the space. The next is a axonometric of the whole design, showing all the objects in the space. Last drawing on the right shows the light sources of the space.
  8. 8. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Sections 1:100Short sections of the design at 1:100 Pictures of physical model explaing the design spatially with light and shadows and realistic materials. Plan at 1:200 showing the section cuts
  9. 9. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Project development The project has been changed and altered several times throughout. Models and drawings have been made to explore thoughts and ideas, and they have developed over time and helped discovering things about the concept. The design process has been based on making drawings and models and testing out the conceptual idea using photograps and drawings. Perspective elevation of design proposal
  10. 10. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Design proposal Ground floor rendered plan showing the lights and shadows on the design at 1:100 Renders of spaces on ground floor to the right Render of office space on ground floor Render of hallway by the south en- trance Render of draiwing studio on ground floor
  11. 11. Christina Gråberg Røsholt MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Design proposal First floor plan rendered with lights and shadows at 1:100 Renders of spaces on the first floor to the right Render of cafe/bar area Render of stair from ground floor to first floor = from drawing studios to gallery Render of first floor gallery space Drawing Space: ICD
  12. 12. Christina Gråberg Røsholt Drawing Space: ICD MAKE YOUR MARK creating a drawing environment CGR Design proposal - Sectional perspective
  13. 13. MODEL MAKING
  14. 14. First year project// Fabricated thing
  15. 15. Second year project// Light reflections
  16. 16. Third year project// Leonardo’s Machine
  17. 17. Third year project// Drawing Space:ICD
  18. 18. HAND DRAWING
  19. 19. Cardboard cut out drawing
  20. 20. “Organised chaos” Simultaneous drawing
  21. 21. Axonometric drawing “Creative hub”
  23. 23. Photo journey Elevation + sections
  24. 24. Design proposal Photostudio Experiential drawing
  25. 25. Drawing Studio Section drawings
  26. 26. Technologysection
  28. 28. Drawing Studio Perspective drawing