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Advising a web staff

  1. 1. Christina Drain Pensacola State College
  2. 2. Whether you end up working for a newspaper, magazine, TV station or Internet start-up, you will have the opportunity – make that responsibility – to do things Differently
  3. 3. “Differently” means retooling newspapers, converting them from news factories into communication hubs that connect to their communities through multiple channels, digital and print.
  4. 4. “Differently” means audiences that have thousands of news choices every day and can control how and when
  5. 5. “Differently” means journalists who can collect the news once and distribute it in many different ways and media.
  6. 6. “Differently” means editors who can make plans, set goals, communicate and lead. And “differently” means training everyone to be able to take on a new role. Everyone, starting at the top. Michele McLellan and Tim Porter, News, Improved
  7. 7. “You have too many people that are old, or my age, that are moaning . . . and they are really missing the tidal wave. My students are riding the crest of that tidal wave. As a matter of fact, they don’t even know it’s a tidal wave . . . that they are in a digital tsunami. They are just having fun in the water, and guys my age are on the beach and seeing this tsunami and running like hell.” Benjamin Davis, Rutgers University instructor
  8. 8. • A multitasker, juggling various responsibilities and roles, many which may have nothing to do with "traditional" journalism. • Technologically savvy, having at least a basic understanding of programming, web tools, and web culture. • A gatekeeper for a particular beat, directing readers to the most current and trustworthy news, regardless of who wrote it or where it's housed. • A versatile storyteller, who knows how to present a story online in various formats. • A brand and a community manager, who cultivates a constant and interactive conversation with their readership. MediaShift
  9. 9. Print local newspaper (50%) Print national newspaper (17%) Radio (54%) Local TV news (78%) National TV news (73%) Menu of Choices for News on a Typical Day Internet (61%) Pew Internet Project
  10. 10. Pew Internet Project
  11. 11. Pew Internet Project
  12. 12. 59% 84% 69% 49% 20% % who connect to the internet wirelessly using a laptop or handheld device All adults 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+ Pew Internet Project
  13. 13. 61 86 52 17 27 13 0 20 40 60 80 100 SNS Twitter Total 18-29 30+ Pew Internet Project Social Networking Sites
  14. 14. 70 65 56 35 0 20 40 60 80 100 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+ % who follow news all/most of the time Young Adults are the Least Avid News Consumers Pew Internet Project
  15. 15. 39 51 45 48 57 55 57 72 25 37 38 42 44 48 48 68 Follow on soc media Ability to comment Interactive material Customize news Easily share content Portal/News aggregator Multi-media content Links to related material Total 18-29 Most Popular Features of Online News Sites % of Online News Consumers Who Say Each Feature is Important Pew Internet Project
  16. 16. 17 23 15 27 13 Breakdown of U.S. Population by Generation Pre-boomers before 1946 Baby Boomers 1946-64 Generation X 1965-76 Millenials 1977-97 Generation Next 1998 to present Source: U.S. Census Data
  17. 17. Growing up digital has had a profound impact on the way this generation thinks, even changing the way their brains are wired. Don Tapscott, Grown up Digital
  18. 18. 1. They want freedom in everything they do ◦ Freedom of Choice ◦ Freedom of Expression 2. They love to customize, personalize ◦ Blogs, videos, Facebook, MySpace 3. They are the new scrutinizers 4. They look for corporate integrity and openness when deciding what to buy and where to work.
  19. 19. 5. They want entertainment and play in their work, education and social life. 6. They are the collaboration and relationship generation. 7. The Net Gen has a need for speed – and not just in video games. 8. They are the innovators.
  20. 20.  Recruit  Train  Supervise  Retain
  21. 21.  Initiate  Engage  Collaborate  Evolve
  22. 22.  Design work systems according to the eight norms. ◦ Freedom of choice, expression ◦ Customization ◦ Scrutiny ◦ Integrity ◦ Collaboration ◦ Entertainment ◦ Speed ◦ Innovation
  23. 23.  Rethink authority. ◦ Sometimes you may need to be the student ◦ Digital Natives need plenty of feedback, but recognition must be authentic.  Rethink recruitment; initiate relationships ◦ Use social networks to influence potential workers  Rethink training; engage for lifelong learning. ◦ Train on the job ◦ Encourage employees to blog
  24. 24.  Don’t ban Facebook or other social media ◦ Teach them how to use social media in journalism and marketing  Rethink retention; evolve lasting relationships ◦ Create alumni networks ◦ Create Facebook groups, chat  Unleash the power of Digital Natives ◦ Listen ◦ Include them in finding solutions for designing workspaces, processes, collaborative working models.
  25. 25. Throw out the traditional newsroom structure THINK outside the box
  26. 26. Get rid of the online editor All editors need to learn to post stories, should be part of their job description
  27. 27.  What is the best way to tell the story? Some stories are better told through visuals or sound. Look beyond text. Does the story need a timeline, map, or other interactives that can be achieved online? Livestream, livechat.
  28. 28.  Keep site stats in the forefront Add Google Analytics to the site to track information. Make sure editors get a monthly report of page views, most read, other stats.
  29. 29.  Cut back on the print edition If you are weekly, go bi-weekly. If you are bi-weekly, go monthly. Print the best-of the web in the edition or change the format of the paper to more in-depth reporting and opinion, leaving the more immediate news for online.
  30. 30.  Recruit outside the journalism department Marketing - Facebook and Twitter Art – web designers, Flash designers, videographers, photographers English – bloggers Honors - opinion
  31. 31.  Set up a Facebook Fan Page ◦ Embed the Facebook widget on your site ◦ Encourage others to become fans through a cross-promotion ad in the newspaper ◦ Post stories of interest or photos from an event on the fan page
  32. 32.  Set up Twitter  Use Twitter to break news  Tweet links to stories of interest. (Use sparingly.)
  33. 33.  Events  Invite students to Student Center or other gathering place with WiFi and demonstrate interesting parts of site.  Ask to be announced at sporting and campus events. (Thank photographer and videographer and remind attendees to check online to view photos and video.)  Make business cards with site name and URL to pass out in the crowd and to visiting team.
  34. 34.  Decentralize Consider using Editorial Board vs. Editor in Chief
  35. 35.  eCorsair Model Five Sections – Editor for each News (includes sports) Features Community Conversation Arts & Entertainment Multimedia
  36. 36. News and Sports  Work primarily online ◦ Breaking stories and upcoming events through Twitter ◦ Short news and sports stories ◦ Coverage of campus events and advances ◦ Sports coverage through livestreaming or live blogging ◦ Story sharing on Facebook ◦ Mobile journalists at various campuses
  37. 37. Features  Produces multimedia packages for print and online on specific topics ◦ Features on student profiles, programs, instructors ◦ Main focus is on providing several stories per topic for print issue ◦ Package will also contain online components such as video, audio, interactive graphics, polls
  38. 38. Community Conversation  Staff members work both online and in print  Includes: ◦ Staff (unsigned) editorials ◦ Editorial cartoons ◦ Columnists ◦ Bloggers ◦ Poll questions ◦ Monitor comments area
  39. 39. Arts & Entertainment  Responsible for local and campus coverage of arts and entertainment events  Profiles local arts and entertainment talent  Posts selected upcoming campus events online through Twitter
  40. 40. Multimedia  Responsible for producing multimedia content for online.  Also produces graphics and design for print  Produces video, audio, graphics, photo galleries, in support of other sections as well as content which originates with the multimedia team  Podcasts, webcasts, livestreaming, design for multimedia packages
  41. 41.  Combines print, online, broadcast content producers in one organization ◦ One breaking news team ◦ One visual team ◦ One watchdog team ◦ One sports team ◦ One weather team
  42. 42.  Multimedia - video, audio, audio slide shows  Social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  Blogging  Google Maps  Live streaming video, chat  Basic HTML
  43. 43.  Web site that can be accessed by the staff – content management system works the best  Place story budget online – Google site, Google Docs, or protected area on main site  Equipment – video camera, digital camera, digital recorder, cell phones, laptop, accessories