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Hi Nadine from Christina


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My original slideshow inviting the talented Nadine Hanafi of We Are Visual to be a guest on my podcast, Presentation Skills for Design Students. Listen to the interview at!

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Hi Nadine from Christina

  1. 1. HiNadine!
  2. 2. I your slidedecks
  3. 3. theyare beautiful
  4. 4. likethisman.
  5. 5. anyway,thisisme: mynameis christina canters ilikegiving presentations ...andholding signs
  6. 6. Whatdoido?
  7. 7. I help people become confident, creative communicators...
  8. 8. ...through this podcast:
  9. 9. Wouldyou consider...
  10. 10. beinganinterview guestonmypodcast?
  11. 11. justsenda @DesignDrawSpeak to