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Ai creates april 12_12

  1. 1. A.I.Creates tm Intellectual Capital Club Creating intellectual capital for partnershipsin predictive analytics and artificial intelligence Dr. Valery Tsourikov Minsk 2012 Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  2. 2. Part 1. Business Model: Slides 3-10Part 2. Predictive Analytics,A.I. for content generation: Slides 11-26 Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  3. 3. Modern Artificial Intelligence Means Big Business• Machine Learning, Combinatorial Intelligence, Semantics, Predictive Analytics can generate: – Better content – Faster & – Cheaper, than human team alone• Business opportunity is really big. For example, over the past five years IBM spent $14B for 24 analytics acquisitions. How to exploit this mega-trend? Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  4. 4. Gartner Group. Hot Technologies for 2011-12: Next-Generation Analytics and Social AnalyticsNext-Generation Analytics: It is becoming possible to run real-time simulations ofeach individual business action to predict their futureoutcome rather than simply providing data about pastinteractions. Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  5. 5. Idea of the Intellectual Capital Club1. Our Ph.D. teams develop A.I. software2. Joint venture is formed with strategic partner or investor3. JV exploits hot market opportunity Strategic Partner/Projects Investor•Robust trading systems•Global markets prediction•Credit scoring•HFT platforms•Drug discovery Joint•Business analytics Venture•Marketing trends•Image and video mining A.I. Software Team•Price prediction: insurance World Markets Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  6. 6. The Idea: To Create Critical Mass of Human Brains Who Will Code A.I. Systems• In September 2010 we started special course on advanced analytics with a clear business objective: – To teach best talents to develop A.I. systems for predictive analytics and automatic content generation As for April 2012, 130 mathematicians and programmers completed the course; many more new researchers will join the Club in 2012 Several new business projects in predictive analytics have already been initiated by course graduates Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  7. 7. How the Club Works• We train Ph.D. students in Predictive Analytics and A.I. and invite best graduates to start real software projects• Then we show prototypes of intelligent systems to potential strategic partners/investors• Together with partners we exploit hot business opportunities on world markets Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  8. 8. Course AttendeesMaster and Ph.D. students majoring in:- mathematics- artificial intelligence- computer science- econometrics- computer linguistics- financial engineering We invite only best Ph.D. students from five major universities in Minsk Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  9. 9. Course Content• A.I. and advanced analytics • Pattern recognition• Mega-trend: content by A.I. • Data, text, image mining• Machine Learning • Ensembles, boosting - Trees, Kernels • Causal time series - Feature selection – Granger causality - Support Vector Machines – Extended Kalman filter - ML application• Predictive Analytics – Sequential Monte Carlo• A.I. and novelty creation • Automatic creation of - Building Blocks mathematical models - Novelty Propagation – Trading strategies - Semantics – Credit scoring - Genetic Programming – Price prediction• Drugs discovery with ML – High frequency trading Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  10. 10. Ongoing Projects• DISFA: automated creation of trading systems for ETFs and U.S. stocks. Shipping to clients since Q4’2010• White Sparrow: A.I. Platform for intraday and multiday trading with Predictive trading strategies. – Started in Q1’2011. Partner: DISFA Global; Status: we are running trading with real capital before final release • Predictive StatArb: identifying and exploiting regularities or “patterns” in asset price dynamics. • News Expert System: breaking news intelligent guard. Alfa- prototype for internal use in TS development. • Economy Health Scanner: automated recession prediction. Alfa- prototype for internal use in TS development. Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  11. 11. Rapid R&D MethodologyTo minimize new products launch cycle we use a novelmethod called RRD – Rapid Research andDevelopment – check presentation on the website Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  12. 12. Part 2.Content Revolution Predictive Analytics and A.I. for content generation Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  13. 13. Internet and Intranets 2011+: Major Shift to Content• Internet evolution – Phase 1: infrastructure (Sun Microsystems, Cisco), search engines (Yahoo, Google), e-shops (Amazon, EBay) – Phase 2: user-generated simple content (Flickr, blogs, social media – Facebook, LinkedIn) – Phase 3: - A.I. generates content  New MEGA TREND Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  14. 14. A.I. Creates Content as Mega-trend• Addresses basic needs: content creation is fundamental feature of human civilization• Internet is ready: everywhere, high bandwidth, cheap• A.I. is ready: machine learning, pattern recognition, advanced analytics, semantics• Huge business opportunities: decisions support; business analytics, robotic trading; data, images and video mining Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  15. 15. Internet 2011+: Content Revolution Many groups will try to ride mega-trendReady to explore new opportunities? Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  16. 16. Why A.I. for content creation?A.I. silicon brain Human brain• Very fast evolution • No change for 20,000 years• Works 24x7x365 • Lazy, sleeps, drinks etc.• Silicon brain capacity • Brain capacity is limited is practically unlimited • Demands salary increase,• No salary increase, bonuses, vacations and at least for now respect no matter what A.I. generates content - Better - Faster - Cheaper Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  17. 17. Artificial Intelligence vs. Human BrainThis is fundamental fact: A.I. evolvesexponentially but human brain remainsunchanged since Stone Age Artificial Intelligence is entering A.I. exponential phase of evolution Human brain stopped evolving humans 20 000 years ago Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  18. 18. A.I. Beats Human• Garry Kasparov, the greatest chessplayer of all time, was defeated by Deep Blue computer in 1997• Same year, Invention Machine Corp. announced A.I. software that created new patentable ideas by linking thousands of physical effects in a second• No human can generate ideas with such speed Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  19. 19. Why is power of A.I. rapidly increasing?• First, because microprocessors double their performance every 18 month (Moore’s law)• Second, modern A.I. understands the meaning of words and can learn by reading different information sources• A.I. is able to run Darwinian-type concept creation and selection with Monte-Carlo method Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  20. 20. Our Niche: Advanced A.I. for ContentGeneration users A .I .+ Hum Crea an tivity ! Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  21. 21. Content Creation by A.I.Facts New content: Creative Risk modelsTrends PredictionsModels Artificial ImagesTheories Intelligence VideosNeeds DiscoveriesCommon sense Trading systemsConcepts Optimal PortfoliosNews Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  22. 22. Machine Learning: Great Business Opportunities on Modern Internet Internet: texts images data video Machine Learning: Text Mining Image RecognitionInte rnetMac w Predictive Analytics hine ill be fi Lear lled ning wit h algo rithm s Video Search Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved
  23. 23. Q&A• How are you going to implement the projects? – We are looking for partners who see great business opportunities in A.I. and Machine Learning spaces• What kind of partners are you looking for? – Strategic partners: corporations or investors from the U.S., European Union and Asia Contact us by email: Valery Tsourikov 2012 (c). All rights reserved