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The 4 Deadly Sins of Mentorship


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Mentorship is important to build into your organization. In order to maintain a cohesive culture of your organization, you must pass on a legacy. Mentorship allows you to impart values, creates a cohesive culture and shares experiential wisdom. Creating a caring, diverse, supportive environment allows your team to build the skills and attitudes they need for success. In this presentation, you will learn the Four Deadly Sins of Mentorship that will make or break your organization.

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The 4 Deadly Sins of Mentorship

  1. 1.  #Entrepreninja      #CODEPALOUSA    03.29.2016   The  4  Deadly  Sins  of  Mentorship   Chris@na  Aldan,  TEDx  Speaker  and  Entrepreninja     @luckygirliegirl   702.900.3419  
  2. 2.  #Entrepreninja     My  1st  Mentor   BeNy  Chavis   “Experiences are the sum total of who we are, but not of what we can become.”
  3. 3.  #Entrepreninja     So  Who  Am  I?   They  call  me  Luckygirl   My  job  @tle  is:  Entrepreninja     —  Founder  LG  Designs   —  TEDx  Speaker   —  Chief  Marke@ng  Officer,  PrayerSpark   —  Trainer,  Team  Healthy  Life   —  Board  Member  for  the  Never  Give  Up  Founda@on   —  Advisory  board  member  for  SWCTA  &  A-­‐Tech  High  Schools   —  2015  Las  Vegas  Women  in  Tech  Community  Service  Award   —  2015  Dis@nguished  Woman  of  the  Year  for  STEM  Educa@on   —  Ac@ve  member  of  the  VegasTech  community   —  Former  co-­‐managing  director  of  Girls  in  Tech,  Las  Vegas  
  4. 4.  #Entrepreninja     What  is  Mentorship?   A  rela@onship  in  which  a  more  experienced  or  more  knowledgeable   person  helps  to  guide  a  less  experienced  or  less  knowledgeable  person.  
  5. 5.  #Entrepreninja     Why  is  it  Important?   •  Legacy   •  Staying  Relevant   •  Avoid  Mistakes   •  Honest  Feedback   •  Long-­‐las@ng  Friendship  
  6. 6.  #Entrepreninja     Expand  Your  Views  Of  Mentorship   —  Meet  1-­‐on-­‐1  once  a  year  for  coffee   —  Follow  their  @ps  and  sugges@ons  by  regularly  following   their  books,  newsleNers,  blog  and  social  media   —  Quarterly  Skype  call   —  Different  age,  industry,  gender,  religion   Mentors  guide  you  by  teaching  through  their  experiences  
  7. 7.  #Entrepreninja     My  Mentors   —  The  Astrologer   —  The  Angel  Incarnate   —  The  Nurturer   —  The  Genius   —  The  Writer   —  The  Lost  Japanese  Princess   —  The  One-­‐Who-­‐Guards-­‐the-­‐Portal-­‐To-­‐The-­‐Earth   —  The  Chris@an  (actually,  I’ve  got  a  few  of  these  trusted  teachers  in  my  life.)   —  The  Yogi   —  The  Teacher   —  The  Buddhist   —  The  Jewish  Chinese  Medicine  Doctor   —  The  Sicilian  Mermaid   —  The  Businessman   —  The  Brain-­‐Based  Guy   —  The  Beatnik  
  8. 8.  #Entrepreninja     1  TRYING  TO  GUILT  OR  SHAME  MENTEES   2  DICTATORSHIP  ≠  MENTORSHIP     3  MOTIVATING  WITH  BRIBES   4  TELLING  THEM  WHAT  THEY  WANT  TO  HEAR     The  Four  Deadly  Sins  of   Mentorship  
  9. 9.  #Entrepreninja     1  •  Trying  to  guilt  or  shame  mentees.     In  business,  It’s  important  to  teach  skills  for  good  business  acumen.   Naviga@ng  office  poli@cs  is  not  a  subject  taught  in  class.     Guilt Free Zone
  10. 10.  #Entrepreninja     Instead:  Teach  it,  Don’t  preach  it!     Source:  
  11. 11.  #Entrepreninja     What  is  EQ?  
  12. 12.  #Entrepreninja     4  Components  of  Emo@onal  Intelligence   Source:  hNp://  
  13. 13.  #Entrepreninja     1. Mindfulness  of  Self   2. Mindfulness  of  Others   3. Self-­‐Management   4. Rela@onship  Management   a. Build  Your  Tribe     The  4   components   of  Emo@onal   Intelligence  
  14. 14.  #Entrepreninja     Ingredients  for  Implemen@ng  EQ     •  A  Desire  to  Improve  Rela@onships   •  EQ  Workshops   •  EQ  Trainings   •  1-­‐on-­‐1  Coaching   •  Prac@ce   •  Track  Progress  
  15. 15.  #Entrepreninja     Help  Them  Build  Emo@onal  Intelligence  (EQ)  
  16. 16.  #Entrepreninja     2  •  Dictatorship  ≠  Mentorship  
  17. 17.  #Entrepreninja     Instead:  Mentors  are  guides  
  18. 18.  #Entrepreninja     3  •  Mo@va@ng  with  Bribes  
  19. 19.  #Entrepreninja     Instead:  Become  a  Talent  Detec@ve       •  Uncover  their  best  talents.   •  Mo@vate  using  their  passions.     •  Remember,  you  are  a  guide  to  help  them  on   their  career  path.  
  20. 20.  #Entrepreninja     4  •  Telling  them  what  they  want  to  hear   Unicorns! Fun! Magic! Rainbows &stuff! Help  them  step  outside  their  comfort  zone.     That’s  where  the  magic  happens.   Our     Comfort     Zone  
  21. 21.  #Entrepreninja     Instead:  Be  Honest,  but  be  Kind   “Tell yourself the truth in the kindest way possible” ~Nancy Gabriel
  22. 22.  #Entrepreninja     Mentor  Fa@gue   If  you  are  the  mentee:   •  Be  concise     •  Be  engaged   •  Be  proac@ve   If  you  are  the  mentor:   •  Know  your  boundaries   •  Set  clear  mentor  hours   •  Communicate  clearly  
  23. 23.  #Entrepreninja     hNp://  
  24. 24.  #Entrepreninja     Overall:  Mentors  Inspire   A life well-lived is the best gift that you can give.
  25. 25.  #Entrepreninja     C H R I S T I N A   A L D A N ,     T E D X   S P E A K E R   A N D   E N T R E P R E N I N J A     @ L U C K Y G I R L I E G I R L   I A M A G O O D M I X . C O M   L G @ L G D E S I G N S . C O   7 0 2 . 9 0 0 . 3 4 1 9     Ques@ons   LG Designs