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Ed Sheeran- 'Lego House' Video Analysis


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Ed Sheeran- 'Lego House' Video Analysis

  1. 1. Ed Sheeran-‘Lego House’ Music Video Analysis
  2. 2. Wide angle shots of landscapes and the skyFocused onone character-Representation ofEd Sheeran, the artist.
  3. 3. The character is lip-syncing and taking the role as the artist. The musicvideo creates the illusion that this character is Ed Sheeran but a storyline is created by revealing that the character is in fact obsessed withthe singer and is trying to be him, drawing the audiences in to thenarrative.
  4. 4. Lots of close ups of the character’s face
  5. 5. The shot of the mirror is a Reference tolooking- a convention of the music video
  6. 6. The camera is focused on the landscape, not the artist.
  7. 7. When the true nature of the music video is revealed more shots of Ed Sheeran are used- Commercial Exhibitionism?Album advertisement
  8. 8. The on-screen images match the lyrics