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Ftl lightning Talk


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Recruiting pitch to encourage developers to join the team.

Published in: Technology
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Ftl lightning Talk

  1. 1. Fork the LawLegislative Participatory Democracy
  2. 2. ParticipatoryDemocracyGetting people elected?Rallies and stuff (yawn)The machinery of politics remains in placeLaws are still beyond the participants’ reach
  3. 3. The ProblemPoliticians are making laws about technology thatthey do not understand.The only “help” they can get is from lobbyists. Large companies are better represented than peopleExperts who want to, can’t help
  4. 4. Specific ChallengesTechnologists and politicians speak differentlanguages Congressmen are strange animals Statutes are complicatedCongressmen have no idea who the experts are Industry sounds like a good place to find them “Beltway bubble” prevents a good picture of reality
  5. 5. Our solutionBuild a “translation” toolEstablish interested communities to identifychangeHelp walk that change through legislative process
  6. 6. The toolData feeds about the statuteEditors where data can be summarizedComplex, linking version-controlled statute editorBranch/merge of competing projects
  7. 7. Our ChallengesUI/UX anyone? Uh...Interesting version control problemsData management issues
  8. 8. Our TeamMe! (Law student, engineer, privacy researcher)Meredith L. Patterson (Computational linguistics,securing the internet, etc.)Dan “TQ” Hirsch (SE: Google, startups)Cathy Elliot-Jones (Attorney, activist)Adoring fans and supporters
  9. 9. Still quite roughWe obviously lack UI/UX expertise
  10. 10. Thanks!