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Quiz: international students (cross-cultural psychology)


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Questions/Quiz for a lesson on International Students

Published in: Education
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Quiz: international students (cross-cultural psychology)

  1. 1. • In a new location, students and business sojourners are less involved than ___________ yet more committed than ___________.• Which areas of research can be found in the literature on international students?
  2. 2. • Name one historical perspective regarding international students.• What were the goals of early international programs?
  3. 3. • What do international students have in common with business people and how do they differ?• What is brain drain?
  4. 4. • What problems do students face when they return to developing countries?• Are international students targets of political influence in modern times?
  5. 5. • Where are the most competitive markets for international students?• What is the focus and development of current research?
  6. 6. Influential perspectives in cross- cultural psychology• Which variables do longitudinal studies consider and which changes do they monitor over time?• What school of thought influences Bochner’s friendship networks• The quality and quantity of interpersonal encounters involves which perspective?• Which perspective focuses on intergroup perceptions of students and hosts
  7. 7. • What is a significant component of student adaptation?• What increases negative perceptions and outcomes in intergroup relations?• What problems do students in Europe report most?• What factors affect academic success and satisfaction in the intercultural classroom?
  8. 8. • How do American students differ from the Chinese?• What are common re-entry problems?