The french in north america


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The french in north america

  1. 1. The French in North America<br />Christian Carreon<br />History 140<br />
  2. 2. American Colonies 5 -Canada<br />The French had great dreams of wealth in the New World, however most of it was already taken by the Spanish.<br />Rather to fight for the lands, the French new better not to engage in war with the Spaniards for it was a fools errand. <br />However, the French were able to settle in the some parts of the Americas and were even given the St. Lawrence Valley by Spain.<br />Life was hard during the first years of colonization but compensation took place as they made trade with the Indians of the lands they were settling into.<br />
  3. 3. American Colonies 5 -Canada<br />Fur trade became of great importance during French colonization. The French took advantage of this and by establishing a summer presence at Tadoussac along the base of the St. Lawrence River.<br />They also made many alliances with various Indian tribes including the northern Algonquians. <br />Trading with the Indians for fur was a very easy process. The Indians believed that all things were alive from rocks to metal. Shiny objects were of great value towards the Indians and the French had an abundance in these. As a result, the Indians traded large amounts of fur for simple objects such as glass beads to shiny cooking kettles.<br />
  4. 4. American Colonies 5 -Canada<br />Fur trading began to become at ease as they were having second thoughts to establish a permanent trading outpost. However it did succeed and it attracted many Indians moreover than seasonal traders who were scared of the overly fortified trading outpost.<br />The French trading colony in its own right made alliances with the Montagnais, Algonkin, and the Huron Indian tribes.<br />This act however made instant enemies with the Iroquouis Indians which would later lead to many conflicts down the road.<br />
  5. 5. American Colonies 5 -Iroquoia<br />The Five Nation Iroquois were very strong enemies toward the French. They were fortified in hilltop villages that were well supplied.<br />They also had a surplus in food which gave strength to all of their warriors who were always hungry for battle.<br />The Iroquoia practiced rituals such as mourning wars. These events consisted of the torturing of their captives in order to show young warriors the cruelties off war. Later after torture they would practice cannibalism and eat the remains of the prisoners.<br />
  6. 6. American Colonies 16 – French America<br />The British continued to dominate in expansion where the French seemed inferior.<br />The French heavily relied on Indian alliance in order to keep them alive and these alliances kept strong as the French a Colony in Louisiana which was of most success.<br />The French were never in the position to command their Indian Allies for it would spark conflict. The French were uneasy with this idea but still complied to its notions.<br />This French, Indian alliance stretched from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico.<br />
  7. 7. American Colonies 16 – French America<br />Being compared with the British, the French had a more militaristic point of view towards their colonies.<br />“New France” which was being ruled by Louis XIV, was overly ambitious, resourceful and egocentric. He relied heavily on the largest army in Europe and ruled at home without any parliament. <br />He even raised taxes among his already impoverished people in order to fund his army and navy for his own purposes.<br />
  8. 8. American Colonies 16 – French America<br />During the early 18th century, New France was split up into two distinct colonies.<br />One was located in the St. Lawrence Valley cultivating it of its sources, while the other was located I the vast interior of forest and lakes known as the upper country.<br />The majority of the New French dwelled and relied heavily on the narrow threads of farm land positions on the banks of the St. Lawrence River that was located between Quebec and Montreal.<br />After 1700, the French made peace with the Iroquoia Indians which sparked an abundance of trade and prosperity.<br />
  9. 9. American Colonies 16 – French America<br />As time passed New France was declining there were no more profits from the fur trade and it only drained the crown’s resources. Finally in 1696, the crown ordered the withdrawal of the upper-country posts.<br />Many of the Indian tribes relied on “white” good for their survival. Things such as clothes and guns. The Indians used these things in their everyday lives but were clueless and unaware as to how to make the items.<br />This unfortunately led to many conflicts, especially amongst the Indian tribes.<br />