Cubic's process: Dig / Define / Design / Deploy


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At Cubic, we’re fully aware that branding isn’t about gut instinct or smoke and mirrors. That’s why we always use tried- and-tested processes to make sure clients get the results they need. Though the details may vary from project to project, the stages and strategies outlined below have served us well over the past decade. We call them the four Ds.

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Cubic's process: Dig / Define / Design / Deploy

  1. 1. Cubic Building successful brands Dig and define, design and deploy
  2. 2. Cubic Building successful brands At Cubic, we’re fully aware that branding isn’t about gut instinct or smoke and mirrors. That’s why we always use triedand-tested processes to make sure clients get the results they need. Though the details may vary from project to project, the stages and strategies outlined below have served us well over the past decade. We call them the four Ds…
  3. 3. Cubic Building successful brands
  4. 4. Cubic Building successful brands
  5. 5. Cubic Building successful brands
  6. 6. Cubic Building successful brands
  7. 7. Cubic Building successful brands
  8. 8. Cubic Building successful brands Dig Before we can do anything, we need to be clear exactly who you are and what you want. This means examining your business needs, the market in which you operate and rival brands. Once we’ve arrived at a thorough understanding of the status quo, we can start to analyse and refine the brief.
  9. 9. Cubic Building successful brands The Dig modules Workshops An eye-opening opportunity to bring key representatives together to share views, explore ideas, and develop insights and understanding. Stakeholder interviews Where we get under the skin of your business objectives, as well as unearthing different opinions and perspectives within the organisation. Competitor reviews Who else is in the picture, and how are they performing? An accurate overview of the competitive landscape is essential to improve your relative position. Communications audit A snapshot of your current communication strategies to assess their effectiveness and determine how they might be improved. Audience research Hero or villain? What exactly does the man or woman on the street think of you? What do they want, and how can you challenge perceptions?
  10. 10. Cubic Building successful brands Define When we’ve collected and collated our research, we need to mould it into something useful. Combining this vital raw material with rigorous strategic thinking, we determine who, where and what you are. Once we’ve established these truths, we can decide on the best way forward.
  11. 11. Cubic Building successful brands The Define modules Brand strategy Does your brand strategy dovetail with your business objectives? Examining the future direction of your brand in achieving long-term goals. Brand personality What type of person does your brand represent? Are you warm and affable, or more professional and businesslike? And how do you convey this? Brand architecture Considering the relationships of the parent company, brands, subbrands, and the strategic role each of these plays within the business. Vision and values What about the bigger picture and the road ahead? Are you absolutely clear about what you stand for and where you’re heading? Ideas generation Sound, original business ideas are as rare as hens’ teeth. We create a tested creative framework in which they can spark and blossom. Positioning Where do people see your brand in context of the marketplace? Strong brands stand tall in a clear (and often unique) position.
  12. 12. Cubic Building successful brands Design We’re a multi-disciplinary branding studio. So what does that mean? In a nutshell, that we’re open minded about what media to use and will advise you on the best way to go. Whichever route is decided, you can be confident of work that’s imaginative, focused and achieves what it sets out to achieve.
  13. 13. Cubic Building successful brands The Design modules Brand creation Bringing a new brand to market requires confidence and point of difference. We’ll help you make a splash and keep making ripples. Print and literature In this digital age, people still like to hold something tangible in their hands. Particularly if it’s beautifully considered and crafted. Exhibitions Do more than make a stand. Make a real impression when and where it matters at essential industry trade shows and exhibitions. Brand and corporate identity Consistency, clarity and conviction are the cornerstone of any identity programme. The left arm must keep time with the right one. Annual reports Often a company’s key document of the year, annual reports can affect market perceptions and even share price. To be handled with care. Packaging Yes, it serves a functional purpose, but in many ways, packaging is the face of your product. So it’s imperative to get it right. Identity guidelines Inspiring guidelines not only keep people on the right track execution-wise, but reveal the heart of the brand. Press advertising From newsprint to glossies, press ads remain a vibrant medium, where creative and production standards are highly demanding. Digital An online brand presence is already vital and likely to become more so. Not only on web sites, but also blogs and social media. Naming Subjective, yet essential. A strong, appropriate name resonates with its audience, keeping your brand front of mind. Promotional campaigns Co-ordinated, cross-media campaigns can be used to get across specific messages or simply heighten brand awareness. Internal communications Keeping staff informed, involved and interested, particularly in larger organisations, is essential – for morale and corporate cohesion. Point of sale Finding engaging ways to create brand presence in store or to guide busy customers towards specific products or services.
  14. 14. Cubic Building successful brands Deploy That’s not all. Once the creative work’s out there, we need to make sure it’s doing its job properly. That means looking after way it’s used, and reporting back on how people are reacting to it. And, if necessary, making various tweaks and adjustments so to make sure it’s hitting that sweet spot.
  15. 15. Cubic Building successful brands The Deploy modules Implementation management Ensuring your brand is carried consistently across all aspects of visual identity — from liveries and signage, to merchandise and marketing materials. Measurement and review So how are we performing? If you can’t find an answer, it’s impossible to judge whether a campaign or branding strategy has been worthwhile. Brand guardianship All campaign media channels need to work as one. If you employ specialist agency to help with implementation, we’ll be happy to provide guidance and direction. Brand guidance What’s your next move? The brand landscape is constantly developing and evolving — so what was right for you yesterday might not be relevant today or tomorrow.
  16. 16. Cubic Building successful brands What we do ? £££ ? £ ? £££ Inc. Brand Creation Bringing a new brand to market requires confidence, coherence and point of difference. We’ll make sure you’re noticed when you enter the ring, and keep you boxing clever. Corporate Identity Cubic create memorable, hardworking corporate identities, reflecting your ideas, positioning and aspirations. We make sure that all aspects of your identity programme are clear, versatile... and very you. Campaigns We assess the bigger picture, creating coordinated, cross-media campaigns to convey specific strategic messages or heighten brand awareness. Moving Image We use moving image to capture a brand’s spirit and bring it to life. This not only creates a warm glow around your product, service or organisation, but also encourages people to put their hands in their pockets. Packaging Our packaging concepts are striking and seductive, designed to make sure your product is first in the shopping trolley. And that people reach for them time and time again. Digital Today, a brand simply can’t operate without an effective online presence. We carefully and strategically weave together websites, blogs and mobile and social media to create your distinctive digital world.
  17. 17. Cubic Building successful brands Conversation can lead to inspiration So we’d love to talk to you about your next branding, corporate identity or cross-media campaign. To find out more, call Christian Buttress on 0115 9599299 or email Cubic 52a High Pavement The Lace Market Nottingham NG1 1HW United Kingdom Phone +44 0115 9599299