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Intro to Social Entrepreneurship in Australia


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An introduction to social entrepreneurship in Australia

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Intro to Social Entrepreneurship in Australia

  1. 1. An introduction to SocialEntrepreneurship in Australia
  2. 2. A case for Social Entrepreneurship• The welfare state is under • Innovation in ideas and policies increasing pressure, unable to will be vital to an active, respond effectively to a growing problem-solving welfare system. array of social problems Organisational innovation will also be important to create new• Radical reform is still institutions capable of delivering controversial and highly a new form of welfare. contested; have mainly focused on cost cutting and gradually • Social entrepreneurs will be reducing entitlements to benefits one of the most important sources of innovation• As a society we are stuck in an impasse• We need a wave of innovation to develop a problem-solving welfare system designed to create social capital by encouraging people to take greater control over their lives
  3. 3. "Experimentationand learning are theonly ways to reinventor create anew theinstitutions that supportour society’sobjectives.” BrentonCaffin CEO, TACSI
  4. 4. Entrepreneur & Social EntrepreneurEntrepreneur Social Entrepreneur• Exceptional ability to see • Targeting under-served / new opportunities disadvantaged / broken markets• Determination to take those opportunities • Large scale and transformative change• Unflinching willingness to • Ethical process to reach take inherent risk that change (beyond• Sees that a suboptimal compliance) equilibrium = • Sees a stable but unjust OPPORTUNITY equilibrium (not just suboptimal)• Outcome focused – creative destruction • Is able to take the opportunity to reach new equilibrium
  5. 5. Growth in Australia • Social Entrepreneurs Network2001 • Social Ventures Australia2002 • Pathways to the Enterprise State by Peter Botsman2003 • Australian Social Innovation Exchange • Geoff Mulgan – Adelaide Thinker in Residence2008 • Centre for Social Impact (CSI) & Social Traders • School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia2009 • The Australian Centre for Social Innovation • Social Impact Bonds in NSW2010 • Social Procurement in VIC2011 • Social Enterprise Development and Investment Fund (SEDIF)
  6. 6. Opportunities (and what’s happening!)More creative funding solutions1. Under-developed capital markets however social finance is slowly beginning to become more mainstream2. Interest being shown in increasing the flexibility of philanthropic foundations and trusts3. Traditional grant making bodies such as Community Benefit SA are exploring more investment based approaches4. Growth in Social Challenge modelsImprovement of metrics and increased adoption rates1. Social Return on Investment2. Ongoing development and iteration of new tools and methods3. Radical Redesign - blend of creative and analytic methods drawn from design, social science, business and policy development.The formation of an International community of social entrepreneurs1. Rise in innovation laboratories2. Co-working spaces3. Local informal networksClosing the gap between for profit and not for profit1. Not for Profit reforms2. Growth in Corporate Social Responsibility programs3. Changes in consumer markets and consumer buyer behaviours4. Growing collaboration between business, private, public and voluntary sectors
  7. 7. Opportunities (and what’s happening!)The Democratization of the Movement1. Growth in the number of passive opportunities for civil society shape political & public discourse2. Increasing emergence of citizen engagement in the political process3. Building public sector’s capacity to engage with citizens4. Growing move from traditional consultative engagement to co-creationThe evolution of a meta profession1. Growing number of university programs in entrepreneurship, innovation and social sciences2. School for Social Entrepreneurs3. Action learning curriculumGrowth of the Youth Constituency1. Exploration of new education models2. Foundation for Young Australians3. MaD AsiaMore product-driven ideas1. Who Gives A Crap3. Aged Care Digital Lifestyle
  8. 8. Further readingPathways to Enterprise StatePeter Entrepreneurship – a global perspectivesouleconomy.comSocial Enterprise in Australia: an introductory handbookTalbot, Tregilgas& Rise of the Social EntrepreneurCharles Entrepreneurship: The Case for DefinitionRoger L. Martin & Sally Osbergssireview.orgEight Trends on Social Entrepreneurship to watch for in 2011Tamara
  9. 9. twitter: @cstenta