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Ecoact Tanzania presentation


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Ecoact Tanzania presentation

Published in: Environment
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Ecoact Tanzania presentation

  1. 1. Waste Management 10 million tones of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year ( UNEP 2015) Climate change mitigation, Land pollution, Ocean Pollution, Threat to Marine life.
  2. 2. Deforestation Deforestation threats Mount Kilimanjaro loosing the whole snow in the next 30 years We lose 400,000 hectares of forest each year because of building activities
  3. 3. Ensures healthy and clean environment Climate change mitigation Curbs and Reduces Deforestation Rates Curbs ocean pollution hence safe marine life
  4. 4. Exchanging Plastic Garbage with Medical Insurance How do we get our Plastic garbage? Family that earns 120 points, gets Medical Insurance Cover for their kids. Families give us their waste plastics and earn points
  5. 5. Construction Companies ( 33%)Real Estate Developers ( 38%) Hardware Shops ( 22%) Furniture Developers (07%) • Does not Rot and Water Proof • Termites Resistant •Long Lasting with low maintenance costs •Cheaper by 28% compared to wood
  6. 6. 2016 $ 27,500 $ 160,000 2017 Investment Ask $ 45,000 Monthly Timber Demand Market Share ( 5%) Tanzania Timber Market USD 270,0002.4 M local timbers USD 450,000 2020 Market Size USD 1.8 Billion Kilimanjaro Region - 2018
  7. 7. Stairs Building - Using plastic Lumber Garden Furniture – Plastic Lumber Plastic Lumber Fencing Plastic lumber - Outdoor Decking
  8. 8. Prevent and Withdraw 10.5 million kg of Plastic waste Save approximately 600 hectares of forest Provide health access to 500 Children “ Medical Insurance” Generate revenue of USD 270,000 and Provide 150 Job Opportunities
  9. 9. Christian Mwijage ( Business Management ) Bernard Ernest (Production Engineering) Elineca Ndowo ( Finance & Marketing ) 45 indirect Waste collection and sorting Team Global Innovation Through Science and Technology Award 2016 U S Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gasper, With EcoAct Team during GIST Award. GIST AWARDS 2016
  10. 10. Thank You! @EcoActtz