The Nordic ETV Experience


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Presentation of the Nordic experience with technology verification for introducing new environmental technologies in the Global marketplace. Presented at the ETV Information Event organized by the European Commission in Brussels, November 8th, 2010.

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The Nordic ETV Experience

  1. 1. Christian Grøn The Nordic ETV experience – NOWATECH and DANETV Quality Manager, DHI, Denmark ETV Information Event, European Commission, Brussels, November 8th 2010
  2. 2. Basics of ETV ”It does what it says on the tin” Independent, comparable, relevant and globally accepted documentation for performance of environmental technologies
  3. 3. Verifications done and in progress Technology Area Number Application examples – technologies - vendor Water Treatment and Monitoring 8 (2) Removal of organic matter, particles and microorganisms in drinking water production – coagulation and direct filtration - Ros AB Energy Technologies 3 (0) Increase in biogas yield from pig manure – acidification and separation – Green Farm Energy and Xergi A/S Materials, Waste and Resources 0 (0) - Cleaner Production and Processes 5 (0) Extension of lifetime for degreasing baths – ultrafiltration based removal of oil – Vilokan AB Environmental Techno- logies in Agriculture 3 (1) Reduction of ammonia and odor emissions from pig houses – biological air filter – Rotor A/S Air Pollution, Monitoring and Abatement 2 (0) Reduction of oil mist discharge with ventilation air - electrostatic filter - SIMAS Filters A/S
  4. 4. Upsides Equal opportunity in bidding, standard compliance of competitors verified for this in the US Objective evidence for reduced environ- mental impact Approval of farm expansion enhanced Access to technology list for vendor Application refocused to address regulatory requirements Limitations for application known to regulators Performance verified for US applications
  5. 5. Downsides • Typical duration - DANETV – 9 – 12 months • Costs - DANETV – Verification and test range o22,000 – 94,000 EURO – Verification and test average o 53,000 EURO – Verification part average o43% – Verification average o28,000 EURO
  6. 6. Practice and lessons learned Scoping Contact and proposal Contract Verification protocol Testing Assess- ment and verification Reporting and publication Technology area selection Application definition Harmonization of expectations Protocol and plan detailed and agreed upon Needed? The quality thing Transparency and trust for recognition
  7. 7. Quality system The quality thing in DANETV Accreditation body Verification body Test body Analytical laboratory Quality assurance and control Quality assurance and control Results Results Verification customer Quality assurance and control Results
  8. 8. The quality thing – Version 2.0 Accreditation or certification body Verification body Test body Analytical laboratory Quality assurance and control Quality assurance and control Results Results Verification customer Quality assurance and control Results
  9. 9. International recognition of ETV US co- verifications Coodinated tests and verifications Verified once – accepted everywhere National and regional tests and verifications
  10. 10. Conclusions • Vendor, buyer and regulator benefits from and interests in ETV are evident • Delay and costs of verifications must be kept at the minimum through lean (rules of) operation and direct subsidies • Direct and structured dialog between verification body and vendor is essential to obtain full value for money • A cost efficient and trustworthy quality approach must be found • Striving for the widest international recognition possible is of paramount importance for the vendors, the buyers, the regulators and the pre-programme
  11. 11. Want more information? Christian Grøn Quality Manager DHI +45 45 16 95 70