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Usg innotiv pd_engels


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Presentation USG Innotiv / Product develpment

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Usg innotiv pd_engels

  1. 1. USG Innotiv Vision, Organization 2009
  2. 2. Organization
  3. 3. USG Innotiv The technological junction where knowledge, capacity and networks converge
  4. 4. Mission statement USG Innotiv is the largest technical project agency in the Netherlands. We combine the strength of our size with the breadth of no fewer than 12 different technical disciplines. Every imaginable form of technology is represented at USG Innotiv, from ICT to major civil engineering works and from planning and environmental issues to mechatronics at micron level. We are the absolute authority in a variety of technical fields. Our in-depth specialization and size enable us to take on virtually every assignment – and guarantee successful results. In a nutshell, USG Innotiv is the technological junction where knowledge, capacity and networks converge. For technical specialists, this means a place to develop and grow.
  5. 5. The organization • Brands: USG Innotiv • Labels: Technical Projects IT Solutions Training & Consultancy
  6. 6. SECTORS USG Innotiv • Architecture • Civil Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Geodesics • Industrial Automation • Environment and Planning • Information Technology • Product Development • Process Engineering • Energy Engineering Divisions:
  7. 7. USG Innotiv Product Development
  8. 8. Product Development Specialist in executing and taking on projects in 3D product development and engineering
  9. 9. Services Development Capacity Consulting Training Product Development
  10. 10. History Product Development – 1995 Founded as SPEKAN (specialized in Pro/Engineer) – 1996 Office Oudenaarde (Be) – 1997 Office Venlo – 2001 Offices Linschoten & Hasselt (Be) – 2001 Start of Consulting Services – 2001 Innotiv Spekan – 2002 CTP – 2003 VAR – 2007 USG Innotiv Product Development
  11. 11. Development solutions • Developing products with the customer – USG Innotiv can take part in the whole development, or part of it – Work can be done at head office, as well as at customers – Communications off site are done with web-based PDM system – Extensive network of suppliers and knowledge
  12. 12. Capacity solutions • Flexible replenishment of customer personnel – Project leaders, product developers and engineers • Higher professional education or University education – CAD Specialism: Pro/ENGINEER • Pro/MECHANICA, ISDX, Pro/INTRALINK, PDMLink, etc. • But also: Solid Works, Unigraphics, etc.
  13. 13. Consulting Services • Market leader the Netherlands and Belgium for services of PTC products – Implementation – Migration – Process – Support • Certified implementer / migrator of PTC database applications – Certified Partner in the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kindom – Pro/INTRALINK, PDMLink
  14. 14. Training • Certified Training Partner of PTC – All PTC products – PTC training material – Specialist modules by experts from the field – Classroom principle / On-site or at main office
  15. 15. • Project Management • Implementations of PTC’s PDS • Customer Training => trainerpoule • Customer Support • Adoption Management • Software Development (sPurge, sBatch, customizations of PTC’s software) • Web Design (plaza) • Management of Hardware and Software Consulting Services
  16. 16. Team Consulting Services Rik Schmale – Windchill, Pro/E, Web Design, Hardware Ruben Pas – Pro/E, Mechanica, Windchill Christiaan Renzema – Pro/E, Windchill Nils Beerten – Pro/E, Windchill Martein Schuttert – Windchill, Pro/I, Pro/E, Software Development
  17. 17. Team Consulting Services Sales Team (The Netherlands) Rik – Region North + Central + West Christiaan – Region South + Central + West + Belgium – Trainings coordinator The Netherlands + Belgium Jeroen – Contact person PTC partner UK Training: Training Pool (8 experts from the field) + Rik, Christiaan and Martein