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SMX West 2014: Breathing Life Into A Tired Campaign


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Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing the same things, over and over and over… and you’re not seeing results. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and take a fresh look at your accounts. From account structure to ad extensions.

Published in: Marketing
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SMX West 2014: Breathing Life Into A Tired Campaign

  1. 1. Christi J Olson Sr Manager, Online Partner Marketing Breathing New Life Into A Tired Paid Search Campaign
  2. 2. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing the same things, over and over and over… and you’re not seeing results. 1
  3. 3. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Change your perspective, look at the opportunities ahead 2
  4. 4. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B New Job Old Campaign Same Job Same Old Campaign Tired / Bored Employees 3 Many reasons why a campaign could use a refresher….
  5. 5. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Signs that your campaigns might need a facelift… 4 Year over Year performance is up…Everything is good, right?
  6. 6. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B If the market or your competitors are growing faster than you…. 5
  7. 7. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Ask the Search Engines about your Market Share, find out why it is changing and what you can do about it. 6 Your Market Share Your Competitors Market Share
  8. 8. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? 7
  9. 9. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Take a step back… 8 Evaluate your campaigns as if you were a new employee or an agency just taking over the campaigns.
  10. 10. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Start with the basic marketing questions… 9 Audience Value Prop Stage in Buying Cycle Price
  11. 11. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Start with the basic marketing questions… 10 Audience Value Prop Stage in Buying Cycle Price Understand your customers: • Create a customer profile What makes your brand unique? • Differentiating factors Develop messaging to support your price points. Budget  Mid-sized Luxury Understand how to target users at different stages in the buying cycle. Awareness  Research  Purchase
  12. 12. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Then dig into the specifics for Paid Search… ALWAYS ROOM TO OPTIMIZE & DO SOMETHING NEW Account Structure Targeting Ad Copy Betas Testing Bid Optimization 11
  13. 13. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B When was the last time you…. 12 • evaluated your SEM campaign & ad group structure? • reviewed or updated targeting (geo, language, ad targeting) options? • checked your ad delivery options or your ad copy rotation options? • managed lists for negative keywords and placements? • tested new ad formats? • developed a test plan for ad copy, landing pages, device targeting, etc? • compared your SEM performance by device type to your overall sites device performance? • compared your SEM performance to SEO performance and see where you overlap and where there are gaps?
  14. 14. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Account Structure is always a work in progress. 13 Develop a schema to organize your keywords. Make it flexible so it can adapt and change over time. * These are all examples, not actual BB account structure
  15. 15. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Don’t accidently exclude 21% of the population via campaign language settings. 14 Are you only targeting English speakers in the US? You could miss out on 21% of US visitors. US Census 2010; English, 79% 21% French, 3.5% Spanish, 62% German, 2% Russian, 2% Chinese, 5% All Other, 18% Korean, 2% Vietnamese, 2% Tagalog, 3% Italian, 1% FIX: Create campaigns targeting foreign languages & multi-lingual keywords 2010 Census Data: Breakdown of Languages Spoken in US
  16. 16. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Are you missing out on impressions due to Ad Delivery options? 15 FIX: • If you aren’t reaching your daily budget, adjust your ad delivery to accelerated delivery. • Evaluate conversion data to see if Day Parting makes sense for specific campaigns. Reduce bids during hours with little to no conversions.
  17. 17. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Are you missing opportunities in Mobile traffic & Apps? 16 • How does SEM compare to other Marketing channels or the entire site? • Are you under indexing in mobile traffic? How to fix if mobile is under indexed: • Increase your mobile bid modifier • Start with best performing desktop campaigns. App Extensions & App Promotion Ads: • Use App Extension to drive app downloads and installs • Only one App Extension per text ad • Use App Promotion Ads to promote your app in similar apps
  18. 18. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Are you not giving consumers the right options? 17 Why use site links? • Own more real estate on the search results page • Cross sell products or highlight special promotions • Help people find what they’re looking for Take Advantage of: • Scheduling features (State & End Dates, DOW, Time of Day) • Mobile specific site links
  19. 19. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Do you have physical storefronts that you aren’t promoting? 18 Why use Local Extensions? • Help customers find your physical store locations How to set up Local Extensions: • Link your Google Places to your Adwords Account • Add a location extension in campaign settings
  20. 20. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B What if the problem is you… or your employees? 19
  21. 21. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Take a closer look as to why…. 20
  22. 22. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B If it’s your team members or your direct employees… 21 Provide opportunities to CHANGE THINGS UP
  23. 23. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B If you’re the one that’s bored… 22 Try to figure out what motivates and excites you… Sometimes What You Need Is Change
  24. 24. @ChristiJOlson #SMX #31B Take what you know… Apply it to other marketing channels. 23 This is what I manage today. It’s not SEM. I love SEM, but after 7 years I needed a different challenge. Transferable Skills from SEM: • Developing bidding algorithms • Optimizing millions of unique items • Competitive analysis • A/B & Multivariate testing • Landing page optimization • Ad Copy & offer optimization • Partner management • Working on a cross functional team And so much more…