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Introduction to Financial Astrology January 2012

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  • Neptune Pluto cycle – Helio versus Geo – Mars retro and indices – declinations – Perigee and Apogee + other planet stations
  • Neptune Pluto since 900 AD
  • Neptune-Pluto sextile since 1950
  • Neptune-Pluto septile
  • NB contra parallel in 2053
  • Neptune-Pluto septile 2011 -2013
  • Saturn-Uranus septile and inspiration – in health and in unionsSummarise effect of septiles and turning points note Mars retro as Neptune septile Pluto completes
  • Shows Mars from 1980s (for indices) note Mars retro 1980 and 1996
  • Nov 10th Full Moon with SA qPL and Mars Virgo ingress
  • Retro Mars in Virgo in 1980 vesrsus Dow index
  • Dow Jones with Mars retro in 1996-7 – note % fall
  • Mars retro from Dec 20th 2009
  • Mars turned retro on 15 Nov 2007
  • Mars retrograde from October 1st 2005
  • Our twin
  • St Petersburg

    1. 1. St Petersburg, Florida January 2012
    2. 2. Content Septiles Stations of the planets Declination cycles Lunar Declination Helio v Geo Lunar apogee and perigee
    3. 3. Risk warningFinancial trading carries a high level of risk to yourcapital with the possibility of losing more than yourinitial investment and may not be suitable for allinvestors.Ensure that you fully understand the risks involved andseek investment advice if necessary. Christeen Skinner
    4. 4. Neptune-Pluto 500 year cycle Last conjunction 20th century phases Semi-square Sextile Septile
    5. 5. Neptune and Pluto Harps and bases Trills and chords Glissandos and basso profundos Angels and demons Vision and wealth Movies and manipulation Permeation and stealth Gossamer and superglue Refined and crude oil
    6. 6. Saturn quintile Pluto Mars Virgo ingress
    7. 7. 28 March 2012  19 August 2012First Quarter Moon in Cancer  New Moon 17th opp Pluto (30th)  Venus opp Pluto 15th Mercury in Pisces  Mars con Saturn 15th squa GC  Sun quintile Jupiter 17th Moon at 0 Latitude Moon 0 Latitude 19th Sun squa Pluto
    8. 8. April 3 2012Geocentric Mercury stat direct on 4th Venus Gemini ingress Jupiter q Neptune 4th Pluto stations 10th Mars sations 14th Sun opp Saturn 15th
    9. 9. Summary Move from West to East Move from H7 Influence of Saturn/Uranus septile New financial instruments and currencies? Saturn q Pluto restructuring Commodity prices
    10. 10. Assess Mars compound cycles
    11. 11. 2012 Mars retrograde Venus retrograde
    12. 12. 2012 OverviewJupiter-Saturn business cycle Christeen Skinner
    13. 13. Solar IngressesEquinox and Solstice datesNote key aspects on actual dates – also aspects torecent and forthcoming eclipses (solar and lunar).Pay particular attention to Solar aspects to major outerplanet transits. Christeen Skinner
    14. 14. Solar Ingresses
    15. 15. Lunar Trading
    16. 16. Lunar warningsNote dates when Full Moon coincides with anothermajor event:Example in 2010:November Full Moon on 21st was preceeded byVenus and Jupiter direct stations on 19th.21st was a SundayMarket action on Friday 19th saw severe falls from theNew Moon (6th). The intervening period held aNeptune station and Sun trine Jupiter. Christeen Skinner
    17. 17. Venus retrograde as of 15th Solar degree 0 GeminiOverture to Jupiter Gemini ingress June 12th
    18. 18. Transits of Venus across the disk of the Sun are among the rarest ofplanetary alignments. Indeed, only six such events have occurred since the invention of the telescope (1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882). This first decade of the 21st Century brings two transits: June 8th 2004 and June 6th 2012
    19. 19. June 6thFull Moon – lunar eclipse June 4th Neptune station June 4th Venus squa Mars June 5thJupiter biquintile Saturn June 7th
    20. 20. Q1 2012Mars’ retrograde station Jan 24th – direct station April14th.Saturn retrograde station (Feb 8 th)Follows Full Moon (7th)Mercury retrograde station March 12 thCoincides with Jupiter trine Pluto (13 th) and Venusconjunct Jupiter ( March14th)Mars trine Jupiter ( March 14 th)Mars trine Pluto ( March 15th) Christeen Skinner
    21. 21. Q2 2012Mercury direct station April 4thCoincides with Jupiter Q Neptune April 4thFull Moon April 6thMars direct station April 14thFollowed by Sun opposite Saturn April 15thFull Moon May 6th – lunar apogeeMay 9th Sun parallel JupiterJupiter quincunx Saturn May 16thSolar eclipse May 20thLunar eclipse June 4thNeptune station June 4th Christeen Skinner
    22. 22. Q3 2012Mars Libra ingress July 4th(NB Mars-UR-PL mid July)Uranus stations July 13thMercury stations July 15thMars opp Jupiter July 19thJupiter sesqui Saturn July 21stJupiter sextile Uranus July 22nd *Mercury sta Direct August 8th as Venus Cancer ingressMoon occults Jupiter and Mercury 11th-13thMars Q Pluto 16thSaturn Q Pluto 19th Christeen Skinner
    23. 23. Q4 2012Moon occults Jupiter October 5thJupiter retrograde station October 5thMercury Scorpio ingress October 5thSaturn Scorpio ingress October 5thMars Sagittarius ingress October 6thSaturn trine Neptune October 11thJupiter sesqui Saturn October 15thSun squintile Pluto October 18thSun parallel Saturn October 18thMars Capricorn ingress November 17th Christeen Skinner
    24. 24. This presentationVisit up for free monthly newsletter Christeen Skinner
    25. 25. Financial Universe Grafton, Vermont August 2 – 5th, 2012