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Steps for Creating a Blog using Blogger


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Published in: Education
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Steps for Creating a Blog using Blogger

  1. 1. Steps for Creating a Blog Using 1. Establish a purpose for your blog. -on-going class discussion on a single topic -weekly discussion about different topics 2. You need an email address. -for the purposes of this site, it will be known as your “Google Account” 3. Go to Click here… 4. Create a Google Account -follow the screen prompts -click on orange arrow to continue 5. Name your blog -type your blog title as per usual -as part of the URL, the title must be typed in lower-case letters with no space between words -click on orange arrow to continue 6. Choose a template -select the format of your choice; click on the box -click on orange arrow to continue Your blog has been created! -personalize the settings, including making the site private so that it does not
  2. 2. appear on the server’s list of blogs -when you select “start blogging”, select the “settings” tab and you can establish the security parameters for the site: Selecting “NO” from the drop-down menu secures your blog. Only people who are given the URL know it exists (i.e parents, students and administration) -“muck around” in the Posting and Layout tabs and you can personalize the blog to look as you wish