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Let Us Pray


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Published in: Education
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Let Us Pray

  1. 1. HRE1O1 Your Task: 1. Following the guidelines provided, write a prayer for yourself as you begin your journey through high school. 2. Write a draft of your prayer in the space provided on the back of this handout. Ask a friend to edit your work. 3. On a sheet of paper, 8½x11, produce a polished copy of your prayer. You may hand-write it or type it. Ensure that your polished copy is presented in a visually appealing manner. Feel free to add your own illustrations or present your prayer as part of a collage. You may use clip art as well. Due Date: Wednesday September 15, 2010 Evaluation: Thinking ___/10 -thoughtful reflection Communication ___/5 -ideas are organized and expressed with clarity; use conventions accurately Application ___/10 -transfer understanding of how prayers are written in an effective, creative way
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  3. 3. Each time you pray, you renew your relationship with God. Anything that you want to ask or say to God is a prayer. Here are some simple steps to follow when writing your own prayer: 1. ADDRESS IT TO GOD You might start by saying God, you are... Start off the prayer by addressing it to God, and or Dear God, you do... or Almighty God, saying something about what God is like or you have done... what God has done. 2. ASK FOR SOMETHING Next, we ask God to do something. Perhaps it You might continue so God, please... might be to change us to make us care more, or perhaps it might be about something that’s going on in school or the world. 3. STATE WHY YOU ARE ASKING FOR THIS … so that … Continue by giving a reason for why you are asking, or what you want to happen. 4. END THE PRAYER … through Jesus Christ, your son, our End the prayer, perhaps using a traditional Lord. Amen ending, and finish with ‘Amen’.