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CPT Outline


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CPT Outline

  1. 1. iLearn Culminating Performance Task: Critical Issues for Catholics in a Fallen World HRE2O1 – Christ and CulturePercentage of final mark: 10 %Due: May 10, 2011Proposal Due April 5, 2011Conference: Week of April 18, 2011Your summative is your chance to creatively demonstrate the knowledge and skills youhave acquired during the course of your studies this semester. Feel free to consult with your teacher at any time during the process. Task: Defend the Catholic Church`s position on any current social issue. *we will brainstorm a list of these issues in classThe Overall Expectations the will be addressed: • respond to the Gospel invitation to live justly with God and neighbour and to challenge all forms of injustice; • develop appropriate skills for interpreting Scripture through a harmony of the methods of exegesis and the guidance of the Teaching Authority of the Church; • acknowledge that the love of God for all people demands justice; • recognize that there is an absolute truth and God is its source (CCC §2465-2470); • demonstrate a profound respect for the dignity and mystery of the human person, as both blessed and broken (CCC §356-412), created, loved and redeemed by God (CCC §599-618, 651-655); • recognize that justice is an essential ingredient in the liberation of human beings and a key expression of Christian love; • let the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen them in applying Christian moral principles in making moral decisions and living a life of virtue; • demonstrate an understanding of the importance of social justice by applying the teachings of Jesus to their own culture and own life situations (CCC §1928-1942); • demonstrate how justice is a demand of natural law (CCC §1954-1960); recognize that justice is an essential ingredient in the liberation of human beings and a key expression of Christian love; • demonstrate a knowledge of the social teachings of the Church (CCC §2419-2425); use the preferential option for the poor as the criterion for analysing social injustice issues (CCC §2443-2449); • demonstrate an understanding of the sacredness of the human person, body and spirit CCC §2258-2262), from conception until natural death (CCC §2268-2283);
  2. 2. • demonstrate a knowledge of the various purposes of prayer (CCC §2623-2643); • recognize and explore the meaning of integrity and belonging in human life.A Suggested Approach for Planning:Choose one topic. Avoid generalizations – be as specific as possible. Once you havechosen this topic, please include the following elements: o A use of a variety of sources (articles, books, videos, interviews, etc.) o Use the Overall Expectations listed above as your guideline for what your C.P.T. must include o Use of primary sources (field trips, interviews, surveys, observations etc.) o Prove or disprove various arguments o Further research/work is expected to be done for each specific area from the unit that you have chosen (i.e. what do you plan to investigate further? What questions do you still have about your topic?)The format of the summative is up to you. It should reflect your personal LearningProfile and personality.Requirements:Your summative proposal should include the following elements: o A list of key terms and core concepts you have learned during the course of your studies i.e. vocabulary, people, places, groups, laws, organizations, etc. *provide a detailed description or definition and state the significance o A list of the relevant section(s) of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that apply; minimum of two o A minimum of one relevant Scriptural reference, with an explanation of the connection to your topic o A concept map that illustrates your thinking *make reference to content and concepts, how you will demonstrate your learning (i.e. format/product) o Research questions based on Bloom`s Taxonomy that you will attempt to answer o A detailed outline of what your summative evaluation is. *describe the format of your summative evaluation and how it connects to
  3. 3. your Learning Profile (i.e. the first posting on your blog); you must be able to explain why your choice is appropriate for you and why it will ensure success *explain how you will collect your research and data o A list (i.e. Works Cited) of resources (1 primary and 5 secondary minimum) you plan to use to complete your research. MLA or APA format, whichever your are most comfortable with, is acceptable – be consistent.A CRITICAL (and mandatory) component in your summative is some aspect of socialaction that links your learning to the school community. You must apply what you havelearned and in a visible way, represent or present it to your peers. In your proposal, brieflydescribe this component of your C.P.T. Suggestions… *public service announcements (pod casts, digitally recorded) *5-8 minute infomercial (i.e. video) *display or installation *painting or mural *poster campaign (3 separate designs) *build a blog or websiteWhen you submit your proposal, be sure to include a title page. Please do not submit yourproposal in a folder or duo tang. A staple in the upper left-hand corner will suffice.Conference:You will meet with the teacher to discuss your progress. You must bring with you all thework and research you have completed to the date of the conference. At this time, theteacher will give you feedback and guidance (where it is appropriate). If a secondconference is required, it will be determined at this time and a date will be negotiatedbetween teacher and student.Presentation:Your presentation to the class will not be a traditional seminar. Instead, you will lead a15-20 minute prayer service that reflects your topic and what you have learned. You willbe given further instruction on how to carry out this component of the C.P.T.