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Confirmation preparation exam review


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Confirmation preparation exam review

  1. 1. Confirmation Preparation<br />St. Joseph the Worker Parish<br />Exam Review<br />Date of Final Exam: Friday, April 8, 2011<br />34671005016500*Exam Overview: <br />Part A: Multiple Choice<br />Part B: True or False?<br />Part C: Matching<br />Part D: Fill-in-the-Blanks<br />Part E: Extended Response<br />*What you need to know:<br />-Apostle’s Creed (handout; p. 175 in your textbook)<br />-Act of Contrition (handout; p. 176 in your textbook)<br />-the Beatitudes<br />-review the saints we’ve learned about<br />-the 10 Commandments<br />-the Gifts of the Holy Spirit<br />-virtue vs. vice<br />-Capital Sins and Corresponding Virtues (handout)<br />- Theological Virtues and Cardinal Virtues<br />-the seven sacraments, especially Reconciliation (Chapter 17), Eucharist (Chapter 21) and Confirmation (chapter 19)<br />-Words to Know (p. 161 in your textbook)<br />*Be able to answer …<br />What IS Confirmation all about? Why do you want to do it?<br />*Check out the blog:<br /><br />