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Capital sin and virtue


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Capital sin and virtue

  1. 1. CAPITAL SINSCORRESPONDING VIRTUESPride: a distorted sense of one’s importance (i.e. placing yourself before God and/or your neighbour)Humility: see ourselves as we truly areAvarice: wanting things to which we do not have a rightLiberality: generosity with our goods and talentsLust: inappropriate sexual desireChastity: self-control over sexual urges; abstaining from sexual intercourseAnger: harbouring dislike or hate of anotherPatience: enduring present evils without sadness or resentment; moderates angerGluttony: having too much of something (e.g. food, drink, shopping)Sobriety/Temperance: using goods within proper limitsEnvy: sadness over another’s success and good fortuneBrotherliness: wanting the best for others and being happy for their success and good fortuneSloth: spiritual lazinessDiligence: attention to and perseverance in spiritual life<br />