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Se leadership forum wiki 31 march2014

  1. 1. The Wiki The why’s and what fors
  2. 2. The background of the CHSA Wiki
  3. 3. SA Health Background info on the Wiki > What is a Wiki? A wiki is an evolving web-based system that requires no technical, web skills or software for contributors > What does the name “Wiki” mean? It’s not an acronym but was used by the original creator of the Wiki software and is an Hawaiian word meaning basically quick and easy. > Wikipedia is the best known Wiki
  4. 4. SA Health Background info on the Wiki > History of the Wiki Originally set up and used by ICT as their knowledge base around 2008. > Made available to CHSA in 2010 The CHSA Wiki was set up in 2010 after discussion with SA Health Online Services who provided advise on the current navigational structure. This was so that our Wiki would mirror a similar structure to their intranet.
  5. 5. SA Health SA Intranet & CHSA Wiki So what’s the difference?
  6. 6. SA Health CHSA Wiki & SA Health Intranet > Intranets A traditional intranet usually requires a dedicated IT Team to maintain it, which often results in a disconnect between the content owners and the web administrators. Difficulty in updating documents tends to make intranets better suited to static content. > Wiki’s On the other hand, a Wiki provides an easy-to-use text editor which mirrors the familiar Microsoft icons and features. No knowledge of HTML is required and pages and documents can be shifted quickly and easily in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment.
  7. 7. SA Health CHSA Wiki & SA Health Intranet > SA Health Intranet The SA Health Intranet is managed by a small group of administrators and locked down through a series of built-in authorization levels. It provides a very limited facility for storing files.
  8. 8. SA Health CHSA Wiki & SA Health Intranet > CHSA Wiki Our CHSA Wiki is used to share internal files and information across all CHSA. (network drives not available that all staff can access) > CHSA Wiki Stats The size of the Wiki is both it’s biggest strength and biggest weakness. It currently holds approx. 5457 pages managed by around 400 active administrators. Uploading and editing is simple and immediate. Anyone with a need to share information can become a Wiki Administrator.
  9. 9. SA Health CHSA Wiki & SA Health Intranet > Some content will be migrated to the SA Health intranet We still plan to transfer some of our information. ie. All Policies will be shifted to the SA Health intranet in the near future. > Why don’t we just use the SA Health Intranet for all our information? SA Health Online Services do not have the facilities to enable CHSA to store our files (docs, spreadsheets, pdfs, videos etc.)
  10. 10. SA Health Navigating the Wiki Help to find what you want?
  11. 11. SA Health Navigating the Wiki > Finding information on Wikis Wikis carry a lot of information, so are usually searched rather than navigated. > Wikipedia Wikipedia is a good example of how we find information on Wikis. You don’t navigate Wikipedia, instead you use the search facility to find a specific page or area.
  12. 12. SA Health Navigating the Wiki > Searching the Wiki A search field is displayed on all pages in the top left-hand corner. When searching for a particular document or page, try using key words rather than sentences. > Advanced Search A more comprehensive search facility is available by clicking the Search and Site map icon on the right-hand side of the page. > Wiki Sections Because wikis are very text-heavy and can be difficult to navigate, we created a menu using icons.
  13. 13. SA Health > Wiki Navigation Each of the 7 main sections display an icon on the r/hand side of the page. > Clinical Resources A place to find clinical resources > Rural Regions A place for rural regions to collaborate and store information specific to their area > Whole of CHSA Services Resources to enable access to whole of Country Health SA services and programs Navigating the Wiki
  14. 14. SA Health > Policies and Procedures A place to find and store policies, procedures and guidelines > Work Station Everyday resources that assist you to do your job > Learning and Development A place to find training and professional development resources > Staff Matters Resources for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders Navigating the Wiki
  15. 15. SA Health This is the Wiki Home page the address to go in your browser is Need to get something on the Wiki but don’t have edit access. Click Wiki Administrator on Home Page to find one for your area If you need to find an Exec Check.. look here Yes we have that many pages This area provides more recent news BCPs can be found through this link Handy resource links Now for a look at each of the different sections from the icon menu
  16. 16. SA Health A place to find clinical resources
  17. 17. SA Health Resources to enable access to whole of CHSA Services and programs
  18. 18. SA Health Resources to enable you to do your job
  19. 19. SA Health A place to find training and professional development resources
  20. 20. SA Health A place to find HR resources
  21. 21. SA Health Wiki Administrators Who, how, why!
  22. 22. SA Health Wiki Administrators > What skills are required? If you can use Microsoft programs, the icons are mostly the same. No HTML or tech skills are needed. > Who can be a Wiki Administrator? Anyone with a business requirement to provide and share information across Country Health. Staff from all levels are currently Wiki Administrators. ie. Directors, Clinicians, Allied Health, Mental Health workers, Admin Officers.
  23. 23. SA Health Wiki Administrators > Wiki Tutorial The tutorial is quite basic and requires no more than 45 minutes to complete. On completion you email me a link to the Wiki page you’ve created. I will call you to go through the tutorial with you and confirm your new status as a Wiki Super Hero > Training Once your Administrator access has been set up by eHealth Systems, you will be sent a link to a tutorial on the Wiki.
  24. 24. SA Health Wiki Administrators > How to become a Wiki Super Hero aka: Wiki Administrator email: to find out more….. > How to get your info on the Wiki if you’re not a Wiki Administrator? On the main Wiki Home page there is a link on the r/hand side “Wiki Administrators”. Just find one for your area and arrange for them to upload your information. > Note: All content requires a content owner
  25. 25. SA Health Wiki – other features Some things you may not know
  26. 26. SA Health Wiki – Other Features > Email links to docs, files etc. Instead of attaching files to emails, you can copy and paste a file hyperlink directly into an email. > Wiki for Groups The viewing access is linked to HAD logins, so Wiki pages can be restricted to specific people to view, comment and share information.
  27. 27. SA Health > Information and pages are always retrievable Every change that is made on the Wiki creates a timestamp and that timestamp can retrieve previous versions or even deleted pages and files if required > Page Notifications Turn on page notifications in the top r/hand corner of the page to receive an email automatically when the page is updated. Wiki – Other Features
  28. 28. SA Health > Videos and Media Content It is now possible to upload videos that are up to 500mbs in size and have them play from within the Wiki in a similar way to how YouTube works. > Record your video conference Any video conference can be recorded and uploaded to the Wiki for the people unable to attend Wiki – Other Features
  29. 29. SA Health Wiki Feedback
  30. 30. SA Health > What we’ve learned The Wiki has grown quickly.. maybe too quickly. Even though growth has slowed, it is still growing at a rate of at least 500 pages per year. So we know the Wiki is being used extensively and any future system will need to allow for ease of use and continual growth. Wiki Issues > Outdated Content Outdated content continues to be an issue, so future software should disable outdated pages after notifying the content owner that their page needs reviewing. Please notify me of any outdated content that you find, so I can chase up the content owner of that area. Email:
  31. 31. SA Health Questions So what would you like to know? Email me and I will try to answer any queries you may have