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10 Things every seller should do when selling property!


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10 things every Seller should do!

Published in: Real Estate
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10 Things every seller should do when selling property!

  1. 1. Ten things every home seller should do
  2. 2. Use a REALTOR® A REALTOR® will help you price your property, give it market exposure to as wide a range of potential buyers as possible, and help you through negotiations toward a successful closing.© 2013 www.
  3. 3. Know your competition Buyers choose from a variety of home types and neighbourhoods. Visit show homes and open houses and rely on your REALTOR®’s expertise to learn about the market and competing properties.© 2013 www.
  4. 4. Get financial advice Consult your lender about your next property and potential penalties on your existing mortgage. Budget to get your home in ‘show home’ condition. Take care of and remove any liens on title.© 2013 www.
  5. 5. Turn your home into a show home Show homes are decorated so that buyers can imagine themselves living there. Your REALTOR® can offer tips to help you apply show home décor principles to your property.© 2013 www.
  6. 6. Cooperate with showings Having your home ready to show is to your benefit. Leave the property during showings to allow the buyer and buyer’s REALTOR® to view the house without interference.© 2013 www.
  7. 7. Understand the process Ask questions. From preparing your house for sale to closing the transaction, your REALTOR® can explain each step of the process and look after many details for you.© 2013 www.
  8. 8. Give feedback Keep your REALTOR® informed of how you are feeling throughout the process. Your feedback will help your REALTOR® better meet your needs and make selling less stressful to you.© 2013 www.
  9. 9. Be realistic Ask your REALTOR® for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that compares your property to others on the market. Use it to set a realistic selling price because buyer’s will have the same information.© 2013 www.
  10. 10. Negotiate reasonably The best transactions are those where both parties feel they have attained their goals. Listen to your REALTOR®’s advice and negotiate from an informed position.© 2013 www.
  11. 11. Meet commitments When you enter into a purchase and sale contract, you are responsible to fulfill conditions and terms on time. Your REALTOR® and your lawyer can help you meet these commitments.© 2013 www.
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