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Fisheries Exhibit Powerpoint


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I led the planning team to design this exhibit about fisheries

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Fisheries Exhibit Powerpoint

  1. 1. Fisheries ExhibitKentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources Salato Wildlife Education Center Frankfort, KY
  2. 2. Summary• I led the planning team for this permanent fisheries exhibit, which opened August 15, 2010, at Salato Wildlife Education Center in Frankfort Kentucky. The theme is for visitors to “Get onboard with our team to keep Kentucky’s fish populations healthy.”• This experiential exhibit educates visitors about the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources’ efforts to be good stewards of Kentucky’s fish and support fishing.• Visitors take on the role of a fisheries biologist - raising, releasing and managing fish. They also learn how the department provides outstanding fishing opportunities for people to enjoy.• Visitors have a photo opportunity to be the “cover story” on Kentucky Afield, the department’s award-winning magazine.• They are encouraged to “join our team” by purchasing a fishing license to go fishing.
  3. 3. Visitors enter the worldof a fisheries biologistthrough the mouth theKentucky SpottedBass, the state fish.
  4. 4. A happy family enjoysthe efforts of our work.Visitors are informedthat “getting onboardwith our team” bypurchasing a fishinglicense supportshealthy fish and familyfun.
  5. 5. Visitors experience therole of a fisheriesbiologist, counting fisheggs next to a workingmodel of a fish eggincubator. The video’shost gives a guided tourof a hatchery during thespawning ofmuskellunge.
  6. 6. Visitors enter ahatchery during thespawning ofmuskellunge. Themural illustratesbreeding process,storage ponds, andthe stocking truckreleasing fish intopublic lakes andrivers.
  7. 7. A portable educator station Anis used to teach visitors interactivehow to count eggs, juvenile puzzlefish, and estimate how teachesmany fish are required to how tostock a ten acre pond. identify three popular game fish.
  8. 8. Visitors try their hand as a fisheries biologist catchingfish off the bow of an electro-fishing boat used to surveyfish populations. A video shows biologists in action. The biologists then weigh and measure their catch.
  9. 9. Visitors are informed of our efforts to keep fish thriving, how fishing isfun for the whole family, and that they can join our team by purchasing afishing license at our front desk.
  10. 10. This interactive gameteaches how federalexcise tax on fishingequipment and boatfuel is dispensed tothe state based on thenumber of fishinglicenses purchased.A large “bobber” iscranked up the auger,then drops downthrough the shoot,lighting the signs as itpasses them. Thevisitor then turns thewheel deciding to buya license or not. Thisrings a bell or buzzer.
  11. 11. The visitor then exitsthe exhibit and isgiven the photoopportunity to be thecover story ofKentucky Afield, ourdepartment’s award –winning magazine.They can pose next toa trophy-size stripedbass.