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Creative Exercise - Craftsmen of Culture


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Creative Exercise for the Ogilvy & Mather Associates Program - Craftsmen of Culture.

Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Creative Exercise - Craftsmen of Culture

  1. 1. Christopher C. WarnerAssociates Program – Craftsmen of Culture CREATIVE EXERCISE (Top 2 Cities: Chicago, New York)
  3. 3. The Visual WorldWe live in a visual world. Compelling images grant us just a moment of breath in ouractive lives, holding us for a fraction of a second when we aren’t busy plungingourselves into a rigorous Angry Birds level or trying to cancel our Google+ account. Weare wired in to our social networks, our mobile devices, and our Netflix. Yet every nowand then, our eyes pass over the raw power of a compelling photo, or a beautifulbanner, or a digital manipulation, and we stop ourselves to think. In an era of short-attention spans, rapid Tweets, and topic sentence readers, a moment that transportsus to another place is valuable. Photographs and images can accomplish this inremarkable ways, more so than any other medium.From drawing to digital art, photography to advertising, one powerful element guidesmy desire to create: to tell a meaningful story. The images I have selected, thoughvarious and seemingly unrelated, together form a greater narrative about movementand moment. Their story is the story of pausing between destinations, of slowing thejourney to feel. Hopefully they also illustrate how I visualize successful advertising; astory can grab an audience’s attention like nothing else. Finally, I hope they share a bitabout who I am and where I come from. And if I accomplish nothing else with theseimages, at least I pulled you away from that frustrating Angry Birds level for a while.Enjoy, and thanks for considering.
  4. 4. GRAPHIC DESIGNClient: Leena Culhane Music Album Design: Paper Skies
  5. 5. DIGITAL SCULPTUREThree-dimensional Rendering
  8. 8. (415) 810-4078 All images created and owned by ©Christopher C. Warner