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H818 conference presentation v4finalppt


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OpenTurf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning.

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H818 conference presentation v4finalppt

  1. 1. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 "OpenTurf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning" by Chris Gray, MSc(M:MT)(Open) 17th February 2016 Open University H818 Conference Presentation February 2016 Innovation theme
  2. 2. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Introduction • Embracing change • Web 2.0 tools • Open education • Self-determined learning • Making connections • OpenTurf: Online Platform • Conclusion
  3. 3. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Embracing change • Encourage learning, • Encourage ownership of learner journey, • Create web platform as a hub of connections. • Develop “21st century skills” • Adapt to future job needs • Demonstrate concept with vocational learning Why?
  4. 4. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Embracing change 1. Increase opportunities for life- long learning. 2. Use digital technology to positively engage with and encourage active learning.
  5. 5. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Web 2.0 tools: What are they? These are online digital applications that allow for: • User interaction, • Freedom to contribute, • Community development.
  6. 6. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Web 2.0 tools: Contributing to change Enhance the ability of a web platform to be used for sharing and collaboration. Convergence of personal, social and educational applications.
  7. 7. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Open Education: What is it? •Removing of barriers to learning, •Freedom of access to courses and content, •Social, informal learning, •Disruptive, innovative education, •Participative learning that embraces digital technology.
  8. 8. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Open Education: Why is it important? “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow”. (Rice, 2013)
  9. 9. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Self-determined learning (Heutagogy) Encouraging learners to be “directly responsible for their own learning as an active rather than passive learner.” Source: Blaschke, (2012)
  10. 10. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Self-determined learning: In practice • How to learn, • What to learn, • When to learn, • Where to learn, • Who to learn with, • Reflect on learning.
  11. 11. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Making connections Collaborative Learning Environment Open Education Web 2.0 tools Self-determined learning
  12. 12. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Making connections Institutional VLE: • Formal, • Internal standards, • Tutor managed. Pedagogy / Andragogy Andragogy / Heutagogy CLE CLE: Complement to VLE, or stand-alone platform: • Informal, • Experimentational, • Tutor facilitated (or not!)
  13. 13. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: Online platform
  14. 14. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: User Generated Content Harnessing the power of the crowd •Comment features •Wiki •Forum •Blog
  15. 15. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: Using APIs Remixing and integrating other content: e.g. API (Application Programming Interface)
  16. 16. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: RSS Distributing changed content
  17. 17. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: Community building  Leveraging the long-tail Web technology allows for cost- effective delivery of niche products and services  Content is constantly evolving
  18. 18. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: RIA Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology Interactive and dynamic elements within web pages which update just that part of a web page.
  19. 19. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: Social features Quick social links Instant sharing with social media networks Content creation for sharing
  20. 20. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: Open Education Learning: • Social • Informal • Collaborative • Free access • Disruptive • Innovative
  21. 21. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 OpenTurf: Self-determined learning Learning: • Journey of choice • Active • Reflective • Digitally engaged Better understanding of how to learn
  22. 22. #H818Conf@ChrisGray1066 Conclusion Thank you & Any questions? OpenTurf has 1. A good blend of interconnected Web 2.0 tools to promote active, collaborative learning, 2. An accessible, digital, informal platform that reduces barriers to learning and promotes open education, 3. A structure which allows a learner the freedom of determining their own learning journey. What next? Add content User feedback Promote widely Add more features Continually innovate