Employer brand playbook sneak peak


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Employer brand playbook sneak peak

  1. 1. Why you should invest in your talent brand3 reasons to invest in your talent brand Lower cost per hire by up to 50%. Reduce employee 91% of companies increased or at turnover by up to 28%. least maintained their talent brand investment in 2012. Influence the conversation with candidates. For more details, see lnkd.in/valueofEB
  2. 2. 8 golden rules for promoting (and protecting)your talent brand Look in the mirror. Make your culture shine. Make sure that what you do (and don’t do) is It’s never just about jobs. Focus on your people – what you’d like employees to emulate. their stories and emotions. Empower your employees. Go viral. Lay out the goals and show them a clear, easy For amplified results, find creative ways to get more path to action. people talking about your company’s great culture. Inform your leadership. Be visual. Use data to gain support, ease concerns, and Bold and colorful images, graphics, charts, and help explain your choice of platforms. videos can bring your brand to life. Target your messages. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. The more relevant your message is to a particular Show that your efforts are scalable and sustainable audience, the greater its impact will be. on one platform before moving on to another.
  3. 3. Our playbook includes best practices from all of the followingtalent acquisition leaders and their companies
  4. 4. For highly practical tips on crafting a social talent brand, download our free playbook today! lnkd.in/gettheplaybookSTEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5Get buy-in Listen and Craft your Promote and Measure and learn approach engage adjust