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Zoonou case study


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Zoonou case study

  1. 1. “We have been so busy since we started the business we rarely have time for deep discussions about where we need to be in 2020. Working with Chris gave us that time but in a structured format that meant we could agree solid strategies and actions. Working with Growth Accelerator is a great way to access people like Chris”. Jonathan Rogers FD and Strategy Director. Zoonou Ltd. Situation: Zoonou are a successful, fast growing technology business at a critical development point on their growth journey. The Directors were keen to establish a plan that would take them to 2020. The business is a serious player in the software-testing arena and the Directors could sense that the business had great latent potential that they now needed to harness. The challenge management faced was to extract themselves from the day to day servicing of clients and running the business to spend structured and quality time planning what this future would be. Approach: Zoonou qualified for subsidies from the Growth Accelerator programme. This effectively means that Zoonou only had to pay 50% of my cost, the other 50% came from a government grant. (I am a registered Growth Accelerator Coach). I worked closely with the Directors leading them through a structured set of 4 half-day planning sessions (plus homework). The sessions revolved around a workbook that took us from vision and mission to core business objectives, from Ansoff product strategies to Porters 5 forces. Critically all sessions were grounded, practical and action oriented. While there was time to brainstorm and reflect it was important that we ended up with a practical action plan that could be implemented. Outcome: The output was brief written report, presentation and action plan. The outcome was a strategy and destination that was presented to staff. A clear vision of where the business is headed and some ambitious targets and deliverables along the way. The management team have a roadmap that can be challenged and reviewed over time. STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENT: Zoonou Ltd SECTOR Technology: Software and website testing PROJECT A high level business strategy review – conducted over 4 facilitated workshops with senior management. OUTCOME Clarity over future direction, business mission and goals. Identification of the strategic milestones and decisions that are likely to be encountered over the next three to five years. For a no obligation discussion about your strategy please contact: or call Chris on 07970 710543