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RPL case


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RPL case

  1. 1. “It was immediately obvious that because of Chris’ experience in engineering that he “got” the business and what I was trying to do. He gave us a logical framework in which to plan, and his approach with the team united us all and helped create a positive backdrop to quite a lot of potentially challenging change.” Charlie Avens CEO Runfold Platics Ltd Situation: Runfold Platics Ltd is a well established dip moulding business experiencing modest growth in a mature market. It has a very strong client base and core product range. However the incoming CEO realized that the business needed to change in order to secure future success, and that existing revenue streams would provide a platform for potential diversification. Approach: The task was to work with the CEO to develop his vision of the future into a workable strategy and engage his management team in that vision and its subsequent delivery. This required research, planning sessions with the CEO, competitor and market analysis, and 3 half-day planning sessions with the team. The sessions revolved around a workbook covering vision, mission and core business objectives and a genuinely practical implementation of the Ansoff product matrix and Porters 5 forces. The team were challenged with questions about what needed to change in the business to deliver the vision, and critically what their role was to be in that change. They grasped the plan with enthusiasm and committed their ideas and departmental strategies against a template plan that supported the strategy. Creating a shared vision of the future CLIENT: Runfold Plastics Ltd SECTOR Manufacturing PROJECT Develop a strategic plan and engage the management team around this new approach. OUTCOME Strategic plan. Product and market development roadmap. Management team engaged and departmental support plans developed. The business is moving fast towards new investments and innovation in its primary sectors – with the team onboard. For a no obligation discussion about your strategy or growing your top line please contact: or call Chris on 07970 710543