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LR Ticket Procedures Poster


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LR Ticket Procedures Poster

  1. 1. Lincoln Railsplitter Ticket ProceduresGeneral AdmissionLincoln Consolidated Schools will charge $5 admission for all high school athleticevents, and $3 for all middle school athletic events. This fee will be charged to alladults, and all children over 8 years old.Student PassesStudent passes will be available for purchase in the athletic office or at athletic contests.Student passes will be sold for $25 per year, and will admit the student to ANY homecontest with a student ID. Passes will be available to all LHS and LMS students.Passes will be sold for a pro-rated amount of $10 for the 2013 spring season.Family PassesFamily passes will be available for purchase in the athletic office or at athletic contests.Family passes will include all members of an immediate family, and will include twocards to be shared by family members. These passes will be sold for $125, and will bepro-rated to $75 at the start of the second semester.Senior CitizensSenior citizens, aged 60 or older, will be given a guest pass, upon application in theathletic office. This pass will permit them to attend all athletic events free of charge.Lincoln EmployeesEmployees of Lincoln Consolidated Schools will be given free admission to athleticevents, with a school identification badge. This admission will include only theemployee, and not any additional guests.MHSAA TournamentsNo passes will be accepted for any MHSAA tournament contests hosted by LincolnConsolidated Schools.