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Coaching philosophy assignment


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Coaching philosophy assignment

  1. 1. Coaching Philosophy Assignment Due January 30Write a 2 – 3 page “paper” detailing your coaching beliefs in the following areas, ORCreate a 10 + slide PowerPoint detailing your coaching beliefs in the following areas.  Culture of a Program o How should your athletes act? o What is your character/attitude expectations?  Practice Plans and Expectations o How should practice run? o What size of a coaching staff is needed to execute practice?  Offense o What’s your offensive style? o How will your offense adjust to personnel strengths and weaknesses?  Defense o What’s your defensive style? o How will your defense adapt to personnel strengths and weaknesses?  Special Teams o What emphasis will you place on Special Teams? o How do you see the role of Special Teams on the game?  Academic Expectations o What are minimum expectations? o How will you support academic performance through your program?This assignment can be presented in a traditional styled paper, a powerpoint presentation, or in“Poster” form bullet point style. Each assignment should address each of the areas listed, and eachof you should include your own style or personal additions to the assignment. Remember, thisphilosophy is YOURS. You won’t be critiqued or graded on the philosophical choices that youmake, only on the effort and completeness of your work.You may decide the “Level” of your program: Division I, II, or III collegiate football; high schoolfootball, or youth football. Do not write a philosophy paper for a NFL or professional programunless you intend on writing a paper about coaches contracts, public relations firms, and the salarycap.You may determine your own team. Choose an existing team, with its logo and colors…or createyour own.