Lincoln Middle School - Swim & Dive Calendar


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Lincoln Middle School - Swim & Dive Calendar

  1. 1. We are the Splitter Nation Women’s Sports Basketball Competitive Cheer Men’s Sports Baseball Basketball Cross Country Cross Country Football Golf Golf Soccer Lacrosse Softball Soccer Swimming & Diving Swimming & Diving Tennis Tennis Track & Field Track & Field Volleyball Wrestling 2013-2014 Middle School Swimming
  2. 2. Academic Eligibility In order to be academically eligible to participate in athletics, a student must meet MHSAA Guidelines AND Lincoln High School academic eligibility standards. (Full descriptions may be found at and Important Eligibility Notes: 1. Must meet MHSAA requirements (Pass 66% of full credit load potential for a full time student). Students who do not meet MHSAA requirements may practice, but may not compete for 60 scheduled school days. 2. If MHSAA requirements are met, must have a 2.0 GPA at each marking period (Every 4.5 Weeks) to remain eligible. 3. May compete for one marking period on Academic Probation if GPA falls below 2.0. Student becomes ineligible for one marking period if GPA falls below 2.0 at the end of the probation period. 4. A student may use academic probation only once during a sport season. 5. Cumulative or previous semester GPA may be used in place of the marking period GPA for eligibility purposes. 6. GPA can be improved through summer school classes. Physical & Participation Fees Before the start of official tryouts/practice for any sport each student must have submitted to the Lincoln Athletic Office a completed MHSAA Physical Examination Clearance Form, which can be found at, at, or in the Lincoln Athletic Office Physicals must be completed after April 15th of the previous school year. In order to compete in 2013-14, a student must have a completed physical after April 15th, 2013 Before the start of the first contest, a participation fee of $140 for High School sports, or $100 for Middle School sports (Payable to “Lincoln Consolidated Schools) must be paid. Payments may be made in the Lincoln Athletic Office by cash, check, money order or credit card; or be made online at For students who qualify for free/reduced lunch, the participation fee will be half of the original fee ($70 – HS, $50 – MS) once verification is received from the district. Parents can also volunteer to work athletic events to pay off any fees owed for their child. Families with more than three athletes at one time in any Lincoln program pay half price for the third child, and for any additional child. 2012-13 Calendar – LMS SWIM AND DIVE Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I proceed if I have concerns about a coach? A: Step 1 – Start at the source. The student should talk directly with the coach, in private, face to face. Step 2 – Parent contacting the coach. Contact the coach to talk directly, in private, face to face. Step 3 – If necessary, talk with the A.D. and the person who the difficulty involves. Appropriate concerns to discuss: 1. Treatment of your child. 2. Ways to help your child improve. 3. Concerns about your child’s physical health and welfare, academic progress, of violation of the code of conduct. Areas of control that belong to a coach: 1. Tryout procedures, team placement, team size and selection criteria. 2. Position(s) played, lineups, and playing time. 3. Offensive and defensive strategies, play calling, and style of play. 4. Practice plans, drills, and scrimmages. 5. Coaching staff. Q: What type of commitment is necessary when playing for a school team? A: Student-athletes need to be aware that athletics require a commitment to the team. Coach may allow an athlete to participate in another extracurricular activity, but the student must first consider what impact that will have on the team. Participation in outside activities can result in lost playing time or removal from the team.
  3. 3. November 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 1 Sat 2 End of First Academic Quarter 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Practice Begins 3-5 24 25 Practice 3-5 26 Practice 5-7 Practice 3-5 27 No School Practice TBA Practice 3-5 28 No School Practice TBA No Swim Practice Dive 3-5 29 No School No Practice 2012-13 Calendar – LMS SWIM AND DIVE 30 No School No Practice
  4. 4. December 2013 Sun 1 Mon 2 Tue 3 Practice 5-7 8 9 10 16 23 24 30 Practice 3-5 MEET HOME Vs. Dexter 4:15 warm-up 26 No School No Practice No Swim Practice Dive 4-5:30 14 No Swim Practice Dive 5-7 20 Practice 3-5 21 No Swim Practice Dive TBA ALUMNI MEET @7PM 27 No School No Practice 31 2012-13 Calendar – LMS SWIM AND DIVE Sat 7 13 19 25 No School No Practice Practice 3-5 MEET AWAY @ Tecumseh 2:20 bus time Fri 6 12 18 Practice 5-7 No School No Practice 29 Practice 5-7 11 17 Thu 5 Practice 5-7 MEET HOME Vs. Ypsilanti 4:15 warm-up 22 4 Practice 3-5 Mock Meet!! (Volunteers must attend!) 5-7 15 Wed 28 No School No Practice
  5. 5. January 2014 Sun Mon Tue Wed 1 Thu 2 Fri 3 Practice TBA 5 6 7 MEET AWAY @ Saline 2:40 bus time 12 13 Practice 5-7 14 MEET AWAY @ Chelsea 2:20bus time 19 20 *NO SCHOOL MEET AWAY @ Dundee 2:40 bus time 26 27 8 9 MEET HOME Vs. Adrian 4:15 warm-up 15 Practice 3-5 21 22 *NO SCHOOL Practice for State Meet Only TBA 28 16 MEET HOME Vs. Monroe 4:15 warm-up Practice for State Meet Only TBA 29 Practice TBA 10 Practice 3-5 23 Practice for State Meet Only TBA 30 Swim Party! 3-4:30 2012-13 Calendar – LMS SWIM AND DIVE 11 No Swim Practice Dive 5-7 17 Practice 3-5 Sat 4 18 No Swim Practice Dive 5-7 24 25 MISCA Dive Meet MISCA Swim Meet 31
  6. 6. Lincoln Middle School Swim and Dive Team
  7. 7. Welcome to our swim family! My name is Seta Keon; this is my fourth season as coach of the middle school swim team. Our swim program has grown a great deal in the past four years and has become increasingly successful! I look forward to seeing our swimmers grow and achieve personal bests throughout the season. Our goal as a program is to prepare the swimmers for the next level. On the middle school level, my job is to prepare the swimmers for the high school team. Our hope, as a whole, is to have swimmers participate in our school teams during their seasons and swim with the Riptides (our swim club) during the off season. In middle school, swimmers need to be able to swim at least two different strokes proficiently and at least two lengths of the pool. I will help them develop their strokes throughout the season and improve their times in their events. Each swimmer will be introduced to each of the other strokes but swim club is the best place for basic instruction on stroke technique. Since our season is only 8 weeks, my main focus is to build on the knowledge that they already have. Coaches:  Seta Keon- Swim Coach o Email Address:  Joe Comazzi- Dive Coach o Email Address: Practice Information: Practices times this season will vary due our programs popularity as a whole. Please check the calendar frequently so you and your family are aware of practice times!! Please have a ride arrive promptly at the end of practice! If you are unable to get your swimmer to and from practice please let me know ahead of time so arrangements can be made. Swimmers are not allowed to be in the building alone after practice ends, no exceptions!
  8. 8. Swim Suit Information:  For meets, swimmers need to order the team suit. You will have two options in case one is not available. You MUST attempt to order Option 1 first. To keep your suit looking new and fitting right, please plan on purchasing a separate suit for practice. You can purchase these at any sporting goods store. o One piece suit for girls; jammer for boys. Girls  Option 1:  Option 2: Boys  Option 1:  Option 2: Swim Meet Information: Meets are generally held on Mondays and Wednesdays. For away meets, swimmers will be picked up from the middle school by the tennis courts. Bus times will be indicated on the season calendar. Volunteer information: It takes a village to run a swim meet! Luckily, we have our swim family! In order to run our home meets we need each family to volunteer their time at least twice. If your family is unable to volunteer for any reason, you will pay a fee of $30. The fee will go to paying others to help run the meet in your place. There will be a sign up sheet and contract you will be asked to sign. Before our first home meet, you will be asked to attend a “mock meet” to become familiar with how a meet is run. *****We cannot have successful meets without your support! 
  9. 9.  Practice Expectations/Guidelines:  Swimmers should be dressed and ready to get in the pool when practice begins.  Swimmers are expected to come to practice with ALL equipment: o Suit, goggles, cap  The m/s swim team holds CLOSED practice sessions; parents must sit in the hallway if they plan on staying throughout practice. o It is beneficial to the swimmers when there are minimal patrons in the pool area. It is less distracting and allows the coach to teach swimmers without distractions.  Water and/or sport drinks are the only drinks permitted during practice.  If your swimmer will miss a practice, please notify the coach. Meet Expectations/Guidelines:  If swimmers do NOT attend the practice prior to a meet, they will NOT be swimming in the meet (unless notified; at coach’s discretion).  Swimmers are expected to stay for the whole meet. It is important for our team to show support to one another and this is how we build team spirit.  If your swimmer has to ride home with you from an away meet, they will need to attain a waiver from the athletic office.  Parents are NOT allowed on the pool deck during a meet (unless volunteering).  Swimmers are NOT allowed in the stands during a meet.  Water and sports drinks are the only drinks permitted during a meet; NO POP!  Prior to a meet, only healthy snacks. o Ex. Apples, carrots, bananas, oranges, string cheese, etc. NO nut products.  Swimmers are expected to have ALL equipment with them at a meet. This includes team suit, cap, and goggles.
  10. 10. Our swim team has gone viral!!! You can now follow Lincoln Middle School Swimming on Twitter and Facebook! Email: Twitter: @lmsswimming Facebook: Lincoln Middle School Swimming ***We also have our own snapfish account to view and share pictures on! User name: Password: lmsswim13 *I will be updating these sites frequently with information about meets, practices, swimmer success, pictures, as well as with information about the Riptides and Varsity swim team. If you do NOT want your swimmers photo(s) uploaded to one of these sites please let me know. Dive Information: Our dive coach is Joe Comazzi. He will be the main contact for dive parents. If you have questions about anything dive related please contact him. Divers have a separate practice but compete on the same day as the swimmers.
  11. 11. Swimmer Contact Information **Please return with swimmer at the next practice. Swimmer’s Name: ___________________________________________ Parent/Guardians Name: ______________________________________ Home Phone: _______________________________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________________ Emergency Contact: Name: _______________________________________________ Phone Number: ______________________ Relation to Swimmer: _________________ Does your child have any allergies or known medical conditions? If yes, please explain. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________