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How effective is the combination of your media

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How effective is the combination of your media

  1. 1. The main media product we produced was our documentary ‘Download Killed the Music Star’, it explored the music industry and the problems linked to illegal downloading. To continue this imagery through all our ancillary texts, we used the repetition of certain images to connote music, money and sales.
  2. 2. We used a banner within our documentary featuring records on a bed of money and guitars. This was or relate to record sales and creating music, these idea where repeated through our B- roll footage. We shot footage of singer/ songwriters performing and footage of music bought on iTunes
  3. 3. Other Ideas:The idea for our billboard •Cymbal hit, throwing music into the advert was a air. •CD’s and Records made of money continuation of the ideas •Band playing instruments covered present in the in money. documentary, it stemmed for several different ideas. The simplicity of the advert is a typical feature of Channel 4 adverts, effectively conforming to the channels standards.
  4. 4. Typical font colour for the date used Simple Black and White themefrequently on Channel 4 products with the only colour being the money and text making it standPlain Channel 4 logo out Text Box is the colour of the £20 note creating a flow of colour Website in small text, allows the Scattered arrangement creates an artistic viewer to find out more and is a and contemporary feel instead of a boring typical feature of billboard ad’s perfect alignment
  5. 5. Throughout our visual ancillary media we have maintained continuity and been able to connect the ideas and themes of each piece to deliver our message about illegal downloads and the effect on the industry to the viewer. I feel that we have done this effectively and have achieved what we set out to do by educating the audience on the true effects on the business and on the artist themselves.
  6. 6. Within the making of our radio advert we incorporated many conventions of radio adverts we have noticed for real media texts. We achieved the overall advert by using a mixture audio taken from the documentary, interviews and vox pops, we also used a narration we recorded for the advert that informs the audience of the date/ time and creates interest in the show. We where also able to use a track, ‘The Victor’ by Enginevein, the band features in the documentary, performing live and filming their music video. Using this in the background of the advert creates interest in the band and their connection to the documentary.