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GC-International Company Profile

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GC-International Company Profile

  1. 1. About GC-International South Africa has 2(two)problems with energy/power which is as follows: 1.We do not have enough energy/power. 2.The price of energy/power. GC-International has the solution to these problems. GC-International is formed by private investors and a group of engineers who ensure that our clients receive the best product and service for their specific needs. We also have money back guarantees on our products which gives our clients peace of mind. We are able to save you money on all your electrical appliances which includes geysers, air conditioners, boreholes, swimming pool pumps etc. Our target market includes residential homes, businesses, chain stores, franchise groups and all sectors of industry. Our current clients have great success in saving and decreasing their electricity bill with GC- International energy saving products. What GC-International offers GC-International offers energy saving solutions and products that suit the specific needs of each of our DOMESTIC, MICRO BUSINESSEES, MAKRO BUSINESSS AND INDUSTRIAL customers.
  2. 2. POC The electronic Power Optimizer Correctioner with adjustable volt output to suit any required load demand is a world first and our pride. the POC comes with a built-in power conditioning effect reducing your electricity bill with the same effect as recycled power. POC: PURPOSE AND USE The purpose of the POC is to control incoming power and not allowing any over-voltage to any area. The Power Optimizer Correctioner is used in virtually all forms of industry and while saving power, reducing costs and protecting equipment from premature failure. The POC measures samples and regulates all incoming voltage 5000 times per second and in addition to this measures the need for power factoring and automatically adds capacitive power to address bad power factoring. GEYSER PROFILER The geyser profiler unit is an intelligent device that controls power sent to the geyser element. Unlike the normal direct connection, it will only heat the water that has been used. The inconvenience of a timer switch is bypassed and hot water is consistently available. The geyser profiler comes complete with pre-programmed setting that will suit almost any household or business requirements. 2(Two)year warranty. Works on solar powered and grid connected geysers. Increases lifespan of geyser element and saves up to 45% of geyser element usage. Capable of handling the capacity of a 4kw load. Limited amount of electricity usage. Constant availability of hot water, only-heating the water that has been used. A variety of pre-sets to suit your needs.
  3. 3. AIRCONDITIONER PROFILER A fundamental flaw in the design of an air conditioner is that the compressor keeps running even when the maximum gas capacity is reached. This mere flaw has made it one of the world biggest power guzzlers at an astonishing 30%. The aircon profiler is an innovative retro fit to existing air-conditioners and will save as much as 30% power consumption by eliminating this design flaw. • Easy installation. • Longevity of the compressor. • Reduction of between 15 to 35% power on an air conditioner. • Stabilizes temperature. • No high demand on start up(soft start). • Decreases water drip. • Decreases icing up. POWER CONDITIONER Most household only has a 0.77 power factor or even less. This means that only 77% of the electricity which moves through the meter will be used effectively where the other 23% goes to waste. With a low power facture Eskom needs to do the same work. The POC system increases the power factor in most cases to 97% or 98% and increases the effectiveness of your electricity usage and reduces your electricity consumption. The POC system catch and release through the caps within the POC system. This catches the electricity that would of gone to waste. This accumulated electricity can now be used where necessary, instead of asking for more power from Eskom. Your meter counting will decrease why pay for wasted electricity if you can store and reuse it. The motors of your devices will run as much as 10% cooler-the lifetime of the device considerably extended. The POC eliminates spike and surges and volt drops which increase the life span in all your devices.
  4. 4. ••.I. • •• • loll -!:' .... ........, POWER DISPLAY UNIT User friendliness ensures maximum control. The display of power used is easy to understand, wireless and portable. know how much power each appliance in your home is using, whether you are in the kitchen, bedroom or wherever-and cut out waste immediately. It gives live updates every 6 seconds displaying consumption for the current day, week ,month and year; also per day, week, month and year. Know at a glance how much power each appliance, light etc in your home is using, and cut out waste immediately. I am sure you can see the value of this display to empower you to control your power usage easily and effectively. INDUCTION COOKER We also have an induction cooker available that cuts the cost of electricity for cooking purposes by 50% while saving 64% in cooking time. The induction cooker is a breakthrough in technology that is cheaper than gas. the top does not heat up at all, instead, the pot heats up due to a magnetic field, meaning that there is no loss of power and no unnecessary heating up of the kitchen-that also represents a waste of power. You do not have to replace your present stove, as the induction cooker can be places as a mobile unit on the counter top or built in like your stove top.
  5. 5. GC-International offers a Power saving Home Automation System Ecowatt Cloud Hub Ecowatt Cloud Server Wireless Control Scheduling Current Alerts Temp Alerts
  6. 6. GC-International new 70% off the Grid package is one of its kind with the technology Powerbank
  7. 7. Inverter/UPS back up system We provide you with power when load shedding occurs with the use of GC-International inverter/UPS back up systems
  8. 8. GC-International provides power when load shedding occurs with use of the GC-International Inverter/UPS back up System
  9. 9. Industrial battery restoration system Today’s business environment is extremely competitive and every business is cost conscious. As the world continues to rely more and more on batteries, the demand for batteries and their prices are increasing. Offering industrial battery restoration services can provide companies the performance they need to keep their equipment and vehicles operating while benefiting from the savings. A battery restored using this system can be sold for half the price of a new one with a full warranty. Utilizing an extraordinary new technology you will be able to restore a variety of industrial and heavy duty batteries back to a working condition. The Battery Life Extender chemical technology combined with the restoration and regeneration equipment provides a state of the art comprehensive system. Did you know? Industrial and heavy duty batteries typically die using only 30-50% of their total life. Each battery has a certain number of cycles, however due to poor maintenance and other factors batteries often die prematurely.
  10. 10. Helping the environment Did you know that 70% of the lead produced in the world is used in lead acid batteries? Did you know that the average automotive battery lasts 2,9 years and less than 18 months in commercial capacities? This means that every type of equipment, car, boat ect will need a battery every few years! Batteries not only have lead and plastic but obviously have sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. By reconditioning these batteries we ensure that they do not get thrown out improperly and contaminate the land and water sources. GC-International offers green technology ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, NON-HAZARDOUS AND BIODEGRADEBLE

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