Your Unified Schedule: Integrating Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing


Published on - Your Unified Schedule: Integrating Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing

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Your Unified Schedule: Integrating Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing

  1. 1. Your Unified Schedule: IntegratingSocial Media Marketing and Online Marketing
  2. 2. As the last few days of 2011 come to a festive end, social marketers are considering the implications of their future marketing strategies for 2012. One thing is clear – all online marketing has become inherently social.
  3. 3. To continue to keep your social marketing and online marketingpursuits separate is the old mindset. In 2012, we’re looking ahead to a combined strategy that includes all selling and promotion online.
  4. 4. Transforming Marketing into Social Marketing
  5. 5. Internet marketing often includes older forms of online selling, like email, list building, opt-in pages, product creation, affiliate packagecreation and advertising. But what if I told you that all of these should be integrated into your social campaign next year?
  6. 6. The distinction between traditional selling online and social marketing is fading. They are now equallyresponsible for your business success.
  7. 7. What does this mean for yourbusiness? It means that you have tofactor social selling into your online marketing pursuits. You need tostreamline and modernize the socialsales process in an online marketing context. Most of all, it means integrating your online selling into your social media schedule.
  8. 8. Creating Your All-In-One Schedule
  9. 9. Your approach to selling in 2012 needs to change – with one unified social selling campaign. Essentially, features of selling, like your email list, or your affiliate program – need to become social. These processes feed eachother and will strengthen your overall marketing campaigns online. It wouldbe a mistake to keep the two forms of selling separate, going into the new year.
  10. 10. To create your all-in-one social schedule is going to take time and planning. To begin, think about your current online marketing ventures. How can you make them social? Howcan you integrate them into your socialselling mechanism? Are you utilizing allforms of social media to promote your online sales techniques?
  11. 11. Create one long, detailed schedule,listing your main selling platforms and your secondary sales platforms.Beneath each of them, list exactly how you plan to use these platforms to make money. If it helps, create single pages – where you can map out your strategy in ‘mindmap’ format.
  12. 12. For example, your email list should contain a host of social elements,including buttons, snippets from yourcommunity, social competitions, social reporting and it should be promotedon your social pages. Create Facebook updates, Google+ updates, Twitter posts and LinkedIn announcements that promote your email list.
  13. 13. Online Marketing is now Social Marketing
  14. 14. Once you’ve completed your newschedule, managing it should be easieras your online selling goals are united. Assign importance to varioustechniques, and don’t forget to use all of your social tricks to improve every last feature of your ‘normal’ selling schedule.
  15. 15. Get to work unifying your sellingschedule and move away from those old, outdated selling techniques ofyesteryear. Content marketing, onlinemarketing and social marketing are allthe same thing, with the same goals. It’s time to unite your priorities and reach for more in 2012!
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