Why You Need To Understand Google’s New Privacy Policy - Social Media Marketing


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Why You Need To Understand Google’s New Privacy Policy - Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Why You Need To Understand Google’s New Privacy Policy
  2. 2. Google’s recently revised privacy policy once again has the world onedge. What are they up to now? The internet is not happy! Today weinvestigate what the search giant will be able to do with your information, and how it will affect your life.
  3. 3. No Privacy in The Policy
  4. 4. Google has announced that their ever- expanding network of social networking, video, tools and emailsites will now obliterate privacy as weknow it. It’s a bold move, but honestly – not a very surprising one.
  5. 5. In the past year we’ve watched Google consolidate their efforts, as they attempt to dominate the internet. Bylinking their many sites together, it has become impossible to remain outside their reach.
  6. 6. Most recently, the internet reacted to Google’s new ‘personalized search’ –which recommends sites to you based on your social network and personal search preferences. Many socialmarketers predicted that this would be monetized soon enough. And now ithas been. The next time you log on toGoogle signed in, and search for puppy products, the following day ads and videos will appear on this topic.
  7. 7. We just want to reiterate what we’ve always said – if you don’t want yourpersonal information on the internet, don’t put it there. Now, it seems like you shouldn’t go anywhere on the internet either, without consciouslyknowing what you’re in for. But is this a bad thing? In the spirit of social sharing, no it’s not.
  8. 8. The Next Step in The Plan
  9. 9. Sure, you’ll have things associated with your face, and name – that you didn’t have to deal with before. And yes, anonymity on the internet isbecoming a thing of the past. But as a social marketer this isn’t such a bad thing.
  10. 10. In fact, it’s the next step in theevolution of social sharing. It makes sense that adverts should bepersonalized now. Who wants to be bombarded with ads that have absolutely no relevance to them?
  11. 11. At least this way, you might find abargain or two, that you wouldn’t haveseen before. For content creators, thesituation is more complex. You’ll need to be aware of the things that you search for – when logged into your Google accounts. If you ignore thiswarning, it could be the biggest threat to your online reputation that you’ve ever had to face.
  12. 12. The Big Brother Internet
  13. 13. Google is not doing anything wrong. If we suddenly start persecuting the largest sites on the internet – we’d have to shut everything down. Facebook is equally as guilty, as aremany others. These sites have given us so much for free, but people tend to lose sight of that. Instead they’re content with being outraged that a company is actually trying to make money.
  14. 14. If anything, this personalized search will help YOUR business sell more products and services. It increases the value of Google’s PPC networks. It will help you get more views on your optimized videos. Heck, it will even lead more prospects to your door. So, let’s give Google a break. This wasalways going to happen! Responsibilityfor your actions is still squarely on your own shoulders, as it always has been.
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