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Victory! Results of the SOPA and PIPA Protests - social media


Published on - Victory! Results of the SOPA and PIPA Protests
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Victory! Results of the SOPA and PIPA Protests - social media

  1. 1. Victory? Results of The SOPA and PIPA Protests
  2. 2. You might have noticed yesterday that some of your favorite sites could not be accessed. Sites like Wikipedia and Reddit, instead directed you to aprotest page, where you could find out more about the SOPA and PIPA acts.
  3. 3. Did the nationwide protests doanything? Are we still in danger oflosing the internet as we know it?
  4. 4. The SOPA and PIPA Protests
  5. 5. The world stood up and took notice recently, as two anti-piracy bills were proposed – that would have given the US government the power to block access to websites that they claim have infringed copyright laws. In this age of social sharing and information, that kind of power would undermine everything businesses, marketers andcontent creators have worked towards.
  6. 6. Free and easy access to a world ofinformation, wouldn’t be as free or as easy anymore. Sites across America protested by going dark on Wednesday, while many others promoted the signing of a protest petition. At the helm, was Google, Mozilla and Craigslist. Fortunately, over 4.5 million people took up the cause, and signed the petition. But what impact did this make?
  7. 7. The Results Are In
  8. 8. PCWorld reported today, that 25 Senators have now chosen to oppose the bill. Wikipedia’s effort, led to 162 million people being informed about the SOPA and PIPA acts. There was arampant outburst on Twitter about the protests, with over 2.4 million tweets. Even the National Review, a conservative publication, was against the bill.
  9. 9. It seems as though the crisis has been averted for now. What isn’t clear, ishow this mass social outcry is going to affect future bills. Media tycoonRupert Murdoch, was outraged by theprotests, and accused the blogosphere of ‘terrorizing’ both Senators andCongressmen – so much so, that they withdrew their support for the bill.
  10. 10. The Continued Battle For Internet Freedom
  11. 11. Right now, there is not much room fora victory party. The next vote is coming soon, on January 24th. Whether the response will be the same is anyone’s guess. One thing is becoming very clear – the entertainment industry wants these bills to be passed. Theyare losing money daily, and won’t rest until they correct it.
  12. 12. This struggle is far from over. With so much pressure on Congress to bothpass and dump the bills, who will winin the end? Experts have been sayingthat these bills will continue to make their way to Congress, one way or another. It’s up to the public to keep an eye on what’s going on ingovernment and make their protests known.
  13. 13. It’s up to the tech people, the media, marketers and businesses online tomake sure that their voices are heard. It will be a sorry day for everyone on the globe, when government cancontrol the internet, what informationis shared, and what sites you can visit. Social sharing is too new to ruin, by restricting its growth!
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