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Looking for Job Search Advice? Ask the Newly Hired


Published on - Looking for Job Search Advice? Ask the Newly Hired

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Looking for Job Search Advice? Ask the Newly Hired

  1. 1. Looking for Job Search Advice? Ask the Newly Hired
  2. 2. It’s not easy finding a job in today’s challenging economy. The unemployment rate, after all, didn’t fall under 9 percent until November.Job seekers today, then, need the best possible job search advice.
  3. 3. Thankfully, there’s a font of this advice available: the newly employed.
  4. 4. It takes real job-search skill to land a new position in today’s economy.Those who’ve done this recently, then, did something right to find employment. Your job is to tap the minds of anyone you know who’s recently found a new job. Find outfrom this person what he or she did to land a new position.
  5. 5. Use Every Tool for Your Job Search
  6. 6. The odds are good that these people will tell you that they tapped everytool at their disposal to land a job. This means that they relied on social media, traditional networking, online job boards, and thorough interview practice to find their new positions.
  7. 7. Too many job seekers today make themistake of relying solely on one tool to find a new job. For instance, many younger job hunters are comfortable with such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They’re wizards when it comes to making connections with former college classmates, co-workers, or far-flung friends who can help them land a big interview or tap a hot job lead.
  8. 8. The Power of Networking Skills
  9. 9. But when it comes to traditional networking skills, they’re nowhere to be found. They’re not at the chamber of commerce meeting or at the local Kiwanis Club picnic chatting with fellow professionals in their field. Thismeans that they often miss the hiddenjob market, those positions that aren’tadvertised in newspapers or on online job boards.
  10. 10. Other job searchers might know how to find a job through online jobsearches, and might have the perfect resume filled with just the right phrases to snare hits from hiringmanagers. But when it comes time for the job interview, they flounder.
  11. 11. The Job Search Secret
  12. 12. The best job search advice today issimple: You can’t rely on any one tool to land your dream job. The best job search today is a smorgasbord: You need to rely on face-to-face networking and Twitter posts..
  13. 13. You’ll have to reconnect with important industry players from your past through Facebook. And you’ll have to practice with your spouse orfriends on crafting the best answers tothe most difficult interview questions.
  14. 14. Job searching is a true challenge today. That’s why you need the best jobsearch advice possible from the newly employed. You might also consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our staff of job search instructors can provide you with theinformation you need to complete the best job search possible.
  15. 15. Interested in Finding Out More about Job Search Strategies and Job Search Advice? Please come and visit us at