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Published on - Google Vs Facebook Waging a Social War - Social Media Marketing

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Google Vs Facebook Waging a Social War - Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Google Vs Facebook: Waging a Social War
  2. 2. Everyday, we see headlines talking about this pending social apocalypse between Google and Facebook. Experts are hurrying to add in their opinions, fueling even more competition between the two social companies. But what is going tohappen? Which company will survive? Is the really the end of an era? Let’s find out.
  3. 3. What The Experts Are Saying
  4. 4. The core argument seems to be over the advertising revenue that eachcompany will generate over the next decade. Forbes has announced that2012 will be a crucial year for both of these enormous companies.
  5. 5. They are going ‘head-to-head,’ each ofthem bent on dominating the internet in the future. We’ve seen Facebook branching out recently, and Googlemaking massive changes in their social strategies.
  6. 6. So where do we stand right now? Experts say, Google ‘owns’ the internet. Considering the fact thatmore people spend time on Facebook,than they do on Google+, that’s a bold statement to make. It’s sort of like comparing white toast, to whole wheat toast. Facebook is white toast, the preferred choice. But Google is more nutritious, and has wider functionality than Facebook.
  7. 7. But people will always prefer whitetoast, even though they know wholewheat is better for them. And that’sthe battle that’s going on right now.It’s highly confusing, and even more speculative. No one really knows what’s going to happen, or who is going to win this ‘war.’ Some might even argue that there is no war, it’s just hype perpetrated by face value opinion.
  8. 8. Constant Improvement and Development
  9. 9. Does improvement, expansion and development mean war? When two companies use each other to inspirenew ideas and better technology – is it a struggle for dominance? And whycan’t there be room for both of these companies on the internet? I thinkexperts are forgetting the scope of the problem. They are arguing that one company will prevail over the other.
  10. 10. This may not be the case at all.Instead, we could see a larger division between Google, Facebook and everyone else. These two companies will pull ahead, and leave others behind. If they really believe in theideals behind social sharing, then they can’t be engaged in this battle. In the social world, there is no competition.
  11. 11. So, we’re faced with a new problem. Ifone of these companies does succeed in ruining the other – they will have established themselves as an ‘anti- social’ company. The outcry on theinternet would be substantial. Waging a social war of this magnitude is not only extremely public, but extremelyvulnerable to the opinions of everyone using the internet. And at the end of the day, people control that.
  12. 12. Advice To The Big Corporates
  13. 13. Enough with the constant jabbing, and snide comments about each other’s companies. People love being onFacebook. They also love using Google and Google+. The more tech youdevelop and launch, the more peoplewill like you. But it doesn’t have to be an all out war. This is just ridiculous.
  14. 14. The internet will never belong to a single company. It belongs to the people that use it. Right now, people will use a lot of tools, sites and companies. There’s enough room for everyone. The internet is like the universe. There might be some dominant planets, but they don’tinfluence who comes or goes in space.
  15. 15. Google and Facebook need toremember who they are doing this for. Social marketing is more than money. And if one company does win, it will be because they remember that they owe their livelihood to real users.
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