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Talent Management


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Using cross border transactions to overcome Skills Shortages and creating Competitive Advantage

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Talent Management

  1. 1. Talent Management Using cross border transactions to overcome Skills Shortages and creating Competitive Advantage
  2. 2. Is It For Your Organisation? • This is very much a case of 80% in the preparation and 20% in the execution. • What does this mean? • Have you considered: – Legal requirements? – Tax requirements? – Human aspects?
  3. 3. Legalities • Are transactions between the two locations legal in law. • Start with your own jurisdiction. – Is it OK to export talent? – Are there any rules to be followed? • Now for the location. – What are the local rules? – Are foreigners allowed? – On what terms? • If using talent from a third country, does this have any legal impacts?
  4. 4. Taxation • What rules apply? – To you corporately? – To the individuals that you are employing? – To your clients in the local jurisdiction? • Do double taxation agreements exist? • Will you need to wrestle with withholding tax? • Are any local registrations needed?
  5. 5. Human Aspects • • • • • • • • We are not dealing with inanimate objects. We are all different, hard to satisfy everybody. Where will they stay? What food is provided? How will they be transported? Local Health and Safety rules? Working times? How will they be paid, and how will pay be treated?
  6. 6. Human Aspects 2 • What about visas? – Are they needed? • • • • • What about pre-flight injections? What about healthcare? What about communications? What is the reporting structure? Who will provide local leadership? – Are they empowered? • Are the employees contracts transparent.
  7. 7. Cash Flow & Getting Paid • Sort this out up front otherwise you’ll be in trouble. • Document the deal – you’ll need a Lawyer and an Accountant. • Don’t be shy – negotiate for what you want- don’t get bullied. • If unsure walk away. • If a deal sounds too good to be true be extremely cautious!
  8. 8. Beware Of Hidden Costs • Even if you have done many of these deals there will always be something unique – allow for it. • Deals driven by tax savings alone are always open to attack – be cautious. • Look for a good commercial reason for the deal. – Lack of skills locally – Client preference timescales etc.
  9. 9. Beware Of Bureaucracy • • • • • It will drive you crazy. Get all your unknowns out in the open early. Agree who is doing what. Third party professionals will slow you down. You can’t do these deals in minutes they take months. • Beware of time wasters - there are 1000’s of them
  10. 10. Examples Of Deals • 1. Local skills shortages. • 2. Intra jurisdiction deals. • 3. Cross border transaction. • 4. Complex multinational and cross border.
  11. 11. Local Skills Shortages • 4 global sectors. – Education – Healthcare – Natural Resources – Engineering • Most developed economies have shortages in these areas and here is a simple example.
  12. 12. Domiciliary Care Workers In The UK • Government policy is to increase care in the home. • Hours are antisocial, poorly paid and unwanted by the locals. • Solution import skills from ????????????? – These days largely Eastern Europe • We will source and employ or simply supply for a fee.
  13. 13. Intra Jurisdiction Deals • Logistic costs vary across Europe with local demand dictated by local conditions and union inspired pay structures. • German hauliers have looked to use Polish lorry drivers employed through off shore companies to lower employment costs. • As “trips” tend to be pan European and time in Germany minor/nil tax domicile of employs can be outside Germany.
  14. 14. Cross Border Transactions • Often seen in the natural resource sectors or educational sectors. • English Second Language teachers are sourced from around the world and are placed in areas of high demand such as Saudi Arabia. • We recruit from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and parts of Europe for these positions.
  15. 15. Complex Transactions • Common elements but always unique. • We’ve done deals from Tristan da Cuhna, through Australia to India. • In India we used a team of highly skilled Polish tradesmen to finish a plant for a German client whilst employing them out of the UK. • We have supplied teams to Swiss, S Africa and Norwegians working on real estate deals but not as employers.
  16. 16. Our Bespoke Solutions • Solid background in finance & manufacturing. • We think as businessmen, not recruiters. • As a page 1 Google rated international recruitment agency we are here to help with your difficult deals and help you solve problems. • We have retained specialist accountants & lawyers on tap.
  17. 17. Get In Touch Early • As stated at the outset it is 80% in the preparation. • Tell us what the issues are. • Tell us what you are trying to achieve. • Share with us the overall proposition. • We assimilate quality information quickly & generally respond within 24 hours
  18. 18. Skills Provision • Skills Provision have developed a series of presentations for both candidates and employers which you can view here
  19. 19. Change Agents If employers require confidential assistance make a Quick Enquiry now.