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Cart and Horse Recruitment


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Cart and Horse Recruitment

  1. 1. Cart & Horse Recruitment How to manage a process with the least pain & greatest effectiveness NO PAIN, NO GAIN
  2. 2. Is Your Recruitment A CART? onfused & with unknown costs & consequences mateurish in the approach to the market place eactive rather than proactive echnology challenged – If so you are part of the 86% of companies that initially approach us
  3. 3. Have you got Cart before the Horse? • Now be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this if retention & recruitment were not issues • You’ve probably looked at your structure & decision making & thought…………….. • Change needs a change champion, are you that person or can you get to that person? • To effect change you need a plan + empowerment & a modest budget
  4. 4. So what is a HORSE in recruitment? uman Resource thinking as a process function is replaced by Talent Management - a strategic board represented position utsourcing & Options are built into your retention & recruitment policies maximising your choices outes & Resources to market need to be fully understood, documented & distributed kills shortages are a global phenomenon – think accordingly lastic & elegant promoting your brand at all times
  5. 5. So what changes do you need to make? • Most are psychological • Instilling basic principles of brand management into your most precious resource - your people - current & future • Cut out constipated processes that add nothing but expense & time delay • Clinically define Talent Management • Decide who is responsible for what & empower them
  6. 6. In House Or Outsourced? • Now be honest you’d expect us to bang the drum for Outsourcing wouldn’t you! • Being good at process doesn’t mean you are good at recruitment! • Wanting a fish is not the same as catching a fish! • The choice quite rightly is yours – it is your business • All we would say is be open minded & consider the full picture
  7. 7. Are You Hiding Behind HR? • It is so easy to do - open the door of HR & throw in a bucket of …….! • Shut the door & on the way out say you want the people yesterday but fail to define your expectations • It happens every day in companies around the globe • It isn’t helpful or constructive
  8. 8. A Way Forward With An Old Idea • • • • • • Hear me out - If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Most companies will already have it It might be gathering dust in a bottom draw It is probably of poor quality It will undoubtedly need work In 99% of cases it won’t be being used correctly
  9. 9. OK, What Should Be The Most Dynamic Tool In Your Business ….. • Job Descriptions ! • Scared? • But that means I have to justify my decisions & be accountable • Who can I blame if we can’t meet demand through Skills shortages or Skills gap? • This would mean effective vertical & horizontal communication. • True but it’s a solution, if you want one!
  10. 10. Challenging Questions A Job Description Can Answer • • • • Add your own to this list Why is/are the position(s) needed? What does the role comprise? What are the reporting channels? (in both directions) • What are the deliverables? • What qualities/experience/qualifications are being sought?
  11. 11. More JD Questions • Who is the position open to? • Have we considered internal candidates? • Have we got internal buy in as well as sign off as to why the hiring is necessary? • Is our “package” competitive? • Do we have back up paperwork – i.e. contracts/pension/life assurance/car lease terms – expenses policy?
  12. 12. How Are We Going To Recruit? • • • • • Time frame for recruitment? Options that are open are……? We have a budget of……? XYZ are empowered to …….?? Info to be released to third parties has been internally approved to include: legal, advertising & equality checks • Paperwork is consistent with brand values
  13. 13. If Outsourcing • What do recruiters/headhunters need from me? • Have I got it all in one place so I can appear professional in all my communications – it’s your personal brand as well at the corporate brand at risk here • Am I setting realistic time frames for a response?
  14. 14. If Outsourcing cont/… • Have I told the agencies how I wish to receive information – they are not psychic • Have I been clear on the fees agreed • Have I committed to 24 hour response times (why should it take longer)? • Am I really communicative? • Are you?
  15. 15. How Am I Supposed To Do All This? • Get organised! • There are plenty of resources available if you look around. • Here’s an advert for one of our sites an online site • Bespoke tailored support can be purchased but NOT WITHOUT YOUR INVOLVEMENT
  16. 16. Recruitment Is A Team Game • Where there is a will there is a way • Technology helps people like us bring solutions from around the globe • We are impotent, unless empowered • At the root of the problem is poor communication internally & externally • The solution lies within • Skills Provision is a change agent
  17. 17. What Is A Change Agent? • A Change Agent is defined as a person who leads change within the organization, by championing the change, managing and planning its implementation. • The role can be official or voluntary; must be representative of the user population, understand the reasoning behind the change, and help to communicate the excitement, possibilities, and details of the change to others within the organization.
  18. 18. Change Agents For a confidential discussion make a Quick Enquiry now.