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Read how the likes of Sony, Millennium Hotels and Monsoon work with SaleCycle to recover lost sales online.

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SaleCycle Client Stories

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  2. 2. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryBasket abandonment is a challenge facing every onlineretailer today, with the majority of customers entering thebuying process and putting products in the basket withoutcompleting their purchase.Sony wanted to communicate with these hottest of prospects,whilst ensuring it was fully compliant with legal guidelines andbest practice advice.Legal DiligenceSony follow the EC Privacy and Electronic Communicationslaws and in particular the soft-opt-in principle set out insection 22 which in practice means the consumer must leavetheir email address during the checkout process, the basketabandonment email must be specific to the product orservice the consumer was interested in at the time their emailwas left and must include a simple one click unsubscribe.SaleCycle worked through an in depth legal consultation withSONY EU so that their Data Compliance and PersonalInformation Management (PIMS) teams were happy to rolloutthe service across all EU regions.The SolutionThe programme has achieved fantastic results across allregions, with average open rates in excess of 55% andclick-through rates of 22% testament to the importance ofgood timing and clean email design.Great customer service and targeted email engagement havetheir place whatever the region – just like Sony’s products! UpliftSony’s abandoned basket emailprogramme has increased onlinesales by over 7%.Results7.4%AboutSony is one of the world’s best-known brands. A leading light inconsumer electronics, Sony products are loved across the globe.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales by contacting people inreal-time when they abandon a shopping cart or booking online.“Quality control and great customerservice are key components of theSony experience, both with ourproducts and the way we communicatewith customers. Working withSaleCycle, we put together a highlyeffective basket abandonment emailprogramme to communicate tocustomers who leave the checkoutprocess without purchasing; effectivelyour hottest prospects. I wouldrecommend SaleCycle to anyonelooking to implement a cart recoveryprogramme – it’s a great solution."Jayne Knobbs, eCommerceMarketing Manager, Sony
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  4. 4. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryBooking abandonment online is a challenge facingevery hotel operator today. For Millennium it is nodifferent, with abandonment rates across its regionscontributing a significant amount of lost revenue.Millennium wanted to do something to communicatewith these customers who don’t book first time round– effectively it’s hottest prospects.Global Roll-OutMillennium began by trialing the programme on site, testing a variety of subjects and sendingtimes to find the right balance for it’s customers.Following fantastic results, both in bottom linerevenue and improved customer service, thecampaign was then rolled out across the entirety ofMillennium’s global reach – with email templatescreated in both English and Chinese.The SolutionThe programme has profited thanks to strong partner-ships and collaboration, with SaleCycle workingclosely with the Synxis booking engine to capture datain real-time, and the wider Millennium team to ensureall messaging is on brand and hitting the right notesfor the culture of the region it serves.The result is a slick, global solution – which is verymuch the Millennium CurrenciesMillennium’s booking recoveryprogramme is now live in 19 countriesrecovering sales in 88 currencies.Results88AboutMillennium & Copthorne Hotels plc is a leading hotel operatorwith over 120 hotels in 19 countries across the globe.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales by contactingpeople in real-time when they abandon a booking online.“Contacting customers whoabandon their booking online hasnot only improved our bottomline, but has improved thecustomer experience too. Iwouldn’t hesitate to recommendSaleCycle to any hotel looking toimprove online bookingperformance, both nationally andacross the globe.”Samantha Loh, GlobalE-Commerce Director,Millennium & CopthorneHotels plc
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  6. 6. In partnership with:Client Sales UpliftMonsoon Accessorize’s cartrecovery emails contribute anuplift in online sales of over 4%.Results4.3%AboutMonsoon Accessorize is a high street favourite. Renownedacross the world for the beauty and colour of its products, ithas over 1,000 stores and a thriving online presence.SaleCycle, the market leader in it’s field, helps its clients torecover lost sales by contacting people in real-time when theyabandon their shopping-cart online.“At Monsoon Accessorize werecognise the challenge ofabandoned baskets and theopportunity to target these peopleour hottest prospects. By workingwith SaleCycle and sendingtimely, well designed emails,weve increased our annual salesonline by over 4% with anaverage order value 30% higherthan our direct website sales.A great partnership.”Bilal AdhamOnline Acquisition ManagerMonsoon AccessorizeBackground StoryMonsoon Accessorize’s abandonment rate of 68% is asignificant improvement on the industry averages that levelup at around 74% - however it still equates to a huge amountof lost revenue every day - and no one likes that!It’s innovative website, allows customers to purchaseproducts from either of its brands, providing a great shoppingexperience – but also significant brand challenges when itcomes to email retargeting.Dual Branded EmailTo ensure a really great return on basket abandonmentemails (and that’s SaleCycle’s mantra!) it’s vital that the lookand tone of the email is just right and that it positively reflectsthe customer’s shopping experience so far.But what about when theres multiple brand possibilities?The SolutionUsing dynamic email templates, and a clever bit ofsegmentation wizardry, customers who abandon a dazzlingdress from Monsoon, for example, will receive a Monsoonbranded email which reinforces all the brand stands for. Abeautiful bracelet from Accessorize? The opposite applies.However, if both products are abandoned then adual-branded email is sent with an animated GIF headerpromoting both brands.The loop is finished with a slick integration with Monsoon’semail service provider, ensuring emails hit the inbox andcustomers return to purchase their weekend wares!
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  8. 8. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryShopping cart abandonment is one of the biggestchallenges facing all global retailers, with averageabandonment rates of 74%.Identifying this problem, and SaleCycle as a solution,OFFICE Shoes introduced cart recovery technology ontheir ecommerce site, with the target of re-engagingwith customers who fell at the final stage of thebuying process.Split TestingOFFICE Shoes recognised the importance of constanttesting and monitoring to optimize the success of theemail campaign and utilised the split-testing modulewithin the SaleCycle platform to test differentsending times (varying times from 2 hours afterabandonment down to 30 minutes) and a variety ofdifferent subject lines.The SolutionSaleCycle continues to work closely with OFFICEShoes to optimise their abandoned shopping basketemail campaign. Testing, analysis and re-testing isan ongoing process with changes to the creative eachseason accompanied with new tests.OFFICE Shoes has also introduced a 2nd Cycle emailcampaign sent 24 hours after abandonment toconsumers who have yet to return to the site topurchase. This 2nd email campaign also includesdynamic product from ClickOFFICE Shoes now recover £‘000sof lost sales every day, withone-in-four of all consumers whoclick going on to purchase.Results25%AboutOFFICE Shoes is a leading high street favourite, gaining areputation for originality in its approach to shoe retailing, with81 stores and a thriving online presence.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales online bycontacting people who abandon their shopping-cart, bookingor application form in real-time.“At Office Shoes we recognisedthe challenge of abandonedbaskets and saw the opportunityto communicate to our hottestprospects. By working withSaleCycle we send timely, welldesigned emails to our customersthat they really respond to - with a25% conversion from click. Agreat partnership.”Scott Taylor
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  10. 10. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryBooking abandonment online is one of the biggestchallenges facing every travel brand today, withaverage abandonment rates in excess of 90%.Identifying this challenge, Travel Holdings workedwith SaleCycle to develop abooking abandonmentemail campaign to communicate with thesecustomers across its international Easy Click Travel &Last Minute Travel sites.Timing is EverythingTravel Holdings recognized the importance of goodtiming – communicating with these hottest ofprospects whilst they are in the buying mindset andexcited about finding that dream vacation!Utilizing the split-testing module within the SaleCycleplatform, the team tested a variety of different timesbefore finding that 30 minutes after a booking beingabandoned was the perfect time to get back in touch.The SolutionWorking alongside Travel Holdings’ booking engine,Travel Global Systems, the SaleCycle bookingrecovery campaign has achieved astonishing resultsacross all key metrics, but most importantly of all, hasincreased bottom line online sales by over 5%.Now that’s a nice story! Per EmailFor every booking recovery emailthat Travel Holdings sends - over15 dollars in revenue is generated.Results$15.15AboutTravel Holdings Inc. is one of the most distinctive andexpansive travel distribution companies in the world, with ahotel network which exceeds 50,000 properties across NorthAmerica, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales by contactingpeople in real-time when they abandon a booking orreservation online.”Your vacation experience beginswhen you first start looking for thatperfect getaway and at TravelHoldings we’re passionate aboutgetting that right. Working withSaleCycle we send beautiful,relevant emails to our customerswhen they abandon a bookinghelping them back online to findthe right trip for them. The resultshave been great with 52% ofcustomers opening the emails andincreasing our bottom line onlinesales by over 5%."Dan Ben-ZikryeCommerce DirectorTravel Holdings, IncTravel Global Systems
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  12. 12. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryShopping cart abandonment is one of the biggestchallenges facing all global retailers, with averageabandonment rates of 64%.Identifying this problem, and SaleCycle as asolution, TM Lewin introduced cart recoverytechnology across all websites and currencies, withthe target of re-engaging with customers who fellGlobal ImplementationAs SaleCycle can encompass all currencies withone implementation, TM Lewins international sitesare able to use the same JavaScript code. The code,was simply pasted into TM Lewins website on allcart, checkout and completion pages to implementthe SaleCycle platform.The SolutionSaleCycle then worked closely with TM Lewin todevelop the recovery campaigns for each domainwith the production of 4 email templates for TMLewin, each of which containedinternational tracking.SaleCycle found that using a customer serviceonline to purchase. The email creative alsoincorporates an animated GIF sales banner, which isupdated in global revenueTM Lewin now recover $‘000s oflost sales every day, with anoverall uplift in global onlinerevenue of 4.65%.Results4.65%AboutTM Lewin is the global leader in businesswear for men andwomen with transactional websites in the UK, US, Australiaand Europe.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales online bycontacting people who abandon their shopping-cart,booking or application form in real-time.“marketing tool, increasing ourrevenues and giving us valuableinsight into our customersbehaviour. To berecommended…”Guillaume Brocart, TM LewinCountry Manager
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  14. 14. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryBasket abandonment online is one of the biggestchallenges facing every online retailer today, and forFCP Groton and the purchase of car spares it’s nodifferent with an average abandonment rate of 81%.Identifying this challenge, FCP worked with SaleCycleto develop a basket abandonment email campaign tocommunicate with these customers across itsinternational sites & CreativeFCP’s basket abandonment emails achieve afantastic open rate, with almost half of the recipientsseeing the creative.This creative is made even more successful usingdynamic personalization which displays a bannerbased on the car parts the customer has shopped for– for example, if a customer has shopped for Audiparts they see an Audi banner – improving thecustomer experience and increasing the number ofclicks back to the FCP website.The SolutionWorking alongside FCP’s Spree Commerce platform,the SaleCycle cart recovery campaign has achievedastonishing results across all key metrics – increasingonline sales by over 4% and achieving an averageorder value significantly higher than direct Increased byFCP’s cart recovery programmehas increased its annual onlinesales by over 4%Results4.25%AboutFCP Groton is the leading European & Import car partsspecialist. Starting out as a small family run organization in1986, FCP are now a worldwide online distributor.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales by contactingpeople when they abandon a shopping cart online.“At FCP we recognize thechallenge of abandoned basketsand the opportunity to targetthese people our hottestprospects. By working withSaleCycle and sending timely,well designed emails weveincreased our annual sales onlineby over 4% with an average ordervalue 30% higher than our directwebsite sales. A greatpartnership.”Scott Drozd, CEOFCP Groton
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  16. 16. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryBooking abandonment online is a challenge thatevery hotel faces today. No matter what you do tooptimize your site and the booking process, somecustomers will always get away.With an abandonment rate of just 16%, Apex Hotels ismuch improved on the average – but it still wanted todo something about those customers who don’t bookfirst time round.The Personal TouchApex Hotels wanted its booking recovery email torepresent the experience of being in its hotel:Attractive, personal and friendly.The creative follows this mantra to the rule, using firstname personalization to greet the customer andoffering the customer the incentive of a £10 voucherto enjoy themselves in the bar or restaurant. Now thatis friendly.The SolutionUsing SaleCycle’s segmentation engine, the ApexHotels email is personalized so that a differentcreative is shown relevant to the hotel the customerhas abandoned – a thoughtful message direct fromthe General Manager helps to generate click rates ofaround 30% and a conversion from click of over37%.Now that’s what we call customer service! Per EmailFor every booking recovery emailthat Apex Hotels send – an astonish-ing 38 pounds of revenue isResults£38AboutBorn out of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996 – Apex Hotels Ltd isan operator of eight high quality four-star hotels across the UK.“Contacting customers whoabandon their booking online hasnot only improved our bottomline, but has improved ourcustomer experience too.Response to the emails has beenfantastic with an average openrate of over 55% and 37% ofclickers going on to completetheir booking. I wouldrecommend SaleCycle to anyhotel group looking to optimizebooking performance andoccupancy rates.”Alan Garland, E-MarketingManager, Apex Hotels Ltd
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  18. 18. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryEveryone abandons his or her shopping cartoccasionally. Even you and I. It’s one of the biggestchallenges facing all online retailers today with anaverage abandonment rate of 72%.Filson wanted to face this challenge head on and sobegan working with SaleCycle to put together anemail to communicate to these hottest of prospects.Product RecommendationsGood customer experience is everything at Filson, andits cart recovery email begins with a strong customerservice message whilst also enforcing its strong brandmantra ‘Might as well have the best’.The creative goes a step further from a typical cartrecovery email, offering a personal shopper typeexperience with dynamic product recommendations.The SolutionUsing SaleCycle’s algorithm and monitoring ofproduct purchasing across Filson’s entire range, theemail offers upsell/cross-sell recommendations toeach customer based on what they left in theshopping cart.Contributing an increase in online sales of over 4%and an incredible revenue per email sent of over $13– it’s safe to say that working together, Filson andSaleCycle really do deliver ‘the best’ Order ValueThe AOV of purchases fromFilson’s cart recovery emails isover 30% higher than directResults31%AboutEstablished in 1897, Filson is a leading U.S. Outdoor Outfitterand manufacturer of high quality gear and apparel.SaleCycle helps its clients to recover lost sales by contactingpeople in real-time when they abandon a shopping cart online.“At Filson we are passionateabout great design and greatcustomer service – and our emailmarketing is no different.Working with SaleCycle, thedesign of our basketabandonment email bringstogether the style our customerslove about our brand – while alsoproviding a relevant message tohelp them back to our website.A great partnership.”Harold Egler, VP of Marketing,Filson
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  20. 20. In partnership with:Client Open RateOver half of Cath Kidstonscustomers open the basketabandonment email making it thetop performing marketing email.Results57%AboutCath Kidston is one of the world’s most popular designerbrands with its distinctive vintage and floral designs adorningeverything from purses and pens to bedspreads and brollies.SaleCycle, the market leader in its field, helps its clients torecover lost sales online by contacting people who abandontheir shopping-cart in real-time.“Customers are fiercely loyal to ourbrand, and ensuring a greatcustomer experience is vital to us.Working with SaleCycle we sendbeautiful, elegantly branded emailsto our customers when theyabandon a basket – increasing oursales and improving the customerexperience. SaleCycle are alwaysvery helpful with any questions wehave and are very easy to work with.A great partnership.”Hayley Bashford,Email Marketing Co-ordinator,Cath KidstonBackground StoryEveryone abandons their shopping cart occasionally. Evenyou and I. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing all onlineretailers with an average abandonment rate of 72%.With a well optimized and intuitive website fromAspDotNetStorefront, Cath Kidston’s abandonment rate isbelow the average at 67%, but it still represents a significantamount of lost revenue – and no one likes that.Customer Service ToneMaintaining a positive customer experience was a keyconsideration for Cath Kidston when embarking on theirbasket abandonment email.By sending the email, through email service provider eCircle,two hours after a cart has been abandoned, customers areengaged at a key part of the buying life cycle, whilst thesubject line ‘A little reminder from Cath Kidston’ gives theemail an engaging but soft tone that customers respond to.The SaleCycle SolutionCath Kidston’s campaign has been a huge success, becomingits most effective email with over half of recipients openingthe email and a click through rate of 14%.Abandoners also tend to spend significantly more, with theaverage order value of purchases direct from abandoned cartemails 65% higher than Cath Kidston’s direct sales.
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  22. 22. In partnership with:Client StoryBackground StoryShopping cart abandonment is one of the biggestchallenges facing all global brands, with averageabandonment rates of 74%.Identifying this problem, Paul Smith worked withSaleCycle to develop a basket abandonment emailcampaign to communicate with these customers –their hottest prospects.2nd Cycle CampaignPaul Smith started out with a single email campaigntriggered 2 hours after a customer abandoned aproduct online. With a crisp, clean design, fullproduct personalisation and a gentle customerservice tone – the email produces great results withcustomers appreciating the relevance of the emailand returning to purchase their products.Paul Smith wanted to communicate further withthose customers who still hadn’t purchasedhowever…The SolutionWorking with SaleCycle, Paul Smith produced a 2ndCycle email which is sent 48 hours after the firstemail to all customers who have not yet returned topurchase.The email offers recommendations of other productsthat may be of interest to the customer, based onSaleCycle’s own algorithm and monitoring of productpurchasing across Paul Smith’s entire Cycle RevenuePaul Smith’s 2nd Cycle emailgenerates an additional 46% ofrecovered revenue online.Results46%AboutPaul Smith is Britain’s foremost designer. Famous for itsclothing and accessories collections, Paul Smith specialisesin an inventive use of traditional craftsmanship andcutting-edge design to create beautifully made, desirable,modern pieces.“At Paul Smith we’ve alwaysbelieved in great customerexperiences. Working withSaleCycle to develop a 2nd Cycleto our basket abandonmentcampaign, we send ourcustomers recommendations ofproducts that we believe will berelevant to them – helping themto find the purchase right forthem. A great partnership.”Helen Harris, Assistant Digital& CRM Manager – Paul Smith2
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  24. 24. In partnership with:Client from SendRof lost sales every day, with afantastic conversion from send ofover 7%.R7.9%AboutRadley is famous the world over for it’s luxurious range ofdesigner handbags. Born out of London originally, it has astrong online presence with its global website shipping to 47countries.SaleCycle, the market leader in its field, helps its clients torecover lost sales by contacting people in real-time when theyabandon their shopping-cart online.“At Radley we recognise theimportance of ‘good-timing’ –especially when communicating withour customers. Working withSaleCycle our customers receive abeautifully designed email, withcontent and products relevant tothem, 30 minutes after theyabandon a basket on our website.Our customers respond fantasticallywith a conversion from send of over7% making the programme one ofour highest performing marketingtactics.”Rowan LuckieHead of Ecommerce,RadleyBackground StoryShopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challengesfacing all global fashion brands, with average abandonmentrates of 74%.Identifying this problem, Radley introduced the SaleCycle cartrecovery technology with the target of re-engaging withcustomers who fell at the final stage of the buying process.Good TimingRadley used the SaleCycle split-testing tool to experiment witha variety of times before finding that 30 minutes afterabandonment was the optimum performing time for itscustomers.The importance to communicating quickly with these hottestof prospects, before they potentially purchase elsewhere,cannot be underestimatedThe SaleCycle SolutionThe SaleCycle code was implemented on Radley’s website,powered by Magento, enabling abandonments to be capturedas they happen in real-time.Radley’s creative, sent through its ESP Silverpop, incorporatessome nice customer service lead copy to introduce the emailwith full product details and a clear call to action to ‘buy now’straight from the email.
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  26. 26. Contact