The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Four


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THiS is Volume 4.
Need I say more?

It keeps comin'

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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Four

  1. 1. Four Chapter Brillzdom Book The
  2. 2. To Begin Volume 4..........some poetry. First a Haiku Brilliant Wisdom So Brilliant Yet So Wise Nothing Was The Same And Now A Classic Roses are Red, Violets are Blue Brillzdom is the whole rainbow, every hue The wisdom is brilliant like the sun in the sky Like the flash of your life that moment you die So take this time out to explore Vol. 4 To witness such greatness never ever seen before Shall We Start?
  3. 3. There is no other logical reason except your old frenemy “fear”. The burning question is, now that you KNOW you’re capable of doing it, how will you overcome the fear? Whether it’s talking to a special person, quitting a job or even jumping on a skateboard, the fact that you’re afraid of (X) consequence paralyzes you like an actual handicap would. So to answer that burning question, some understanding needs to be understood. You’re capable. Whatever consequence out there is NEVER worth this paralyzing feeling a highly able person like you shouldn’t be feeling. On top of that, you don’t want to be a scaredy cat but instead a valiant tiger!
  4. 4. Doing crazy shit often has two consequences. Laughter followed by “That was awesome” or laughter followed by “What the fuck???”. Usually both are far more favorable than the usual “Hmmmmm” or “I wonder” that happens when one doesn’t do crazy shit which really does nothing but fabricate fascinations in our minds that are never fulfilled and left to be a “What if”. “What if” is no fun and the consequence of “what if” just leaves you conditioned to proceed with caution as you have been before and will be forever. That’s no fun! Nobody has ever regretted doing crazy shit. True Story.
  5. 5. As humans we tend to masquerade our true selves because of what society deems right. That doesn’t mean we truly aren’t who we are. What I’m saying is this. Presume everyone is a freak. I mean, it’s 2014. Sexual tension/ excitement/emotions run rampant all throughout this very same society and even though a girl is wearing poindexter glasses or dresses like a 1950’s housewife NEVER means she doesn’t like to get freaky. And I’m not talking getting it in, I’m talking about the crazy shit. Try it out. She may have already......
  6. 6. Some people “work” so hard and ask “WHY? Why the plateau? Why no progress?” Well you may be putting in the hours but how much work is being put in these hours? And how good is this “work”? You’ve heard the thing about working smarter instead of harder when working smart IS working hard. And that is how you get results. Is working smart working a lot? NO! To define working hard/ smart it’s the tactics, strategies, approach and persistence given to achieve success. Not succeeding? You aren’t succeeding in working hard/smart enough. Quality > Hours
  7. 7. You ever have someone say “Oh I couldn’t live without my phone” yet people years ago lived just fine without them? Kinda same deal with pills. Nowadays, someone seems a bit overwhelmed continuously and instead of changing their habits they claim they have a “disorder”. But there are pills for that. Pills that you take. And continue taking. Crutches in tablet form. Now, if you’re dying, suffering physically or need a recovery, by all means, take some pills. But if your own mind is tricking you (into taking pills) then it’s something you don’t need and time to change how you do things.
  8. 8. Some cultures differ but one general theme is that when a woman is comfortable enough to show the skin she’s in that she loves, she will show it. Thus, she will wear less clothes. It’s part of the feminine mystique. The counterpart about this is a woman who is afraid to show skin which tells you it’s a cultural thing and/or she simply doesn’t have confidence in her body. And confidence is like praise. You ALWAYS have to appreciate it. Loving the skin you’re in is the first part about loving yourself and if a woman can show that through her minimal clothing, she has the ability to love. The confidence to love.
  9. 9. In relation to the Brillzdom you’ve read before, this one has a spin. Taking shit. What does that even mean? Taking shit is defined as “letting outside influences bring you down” which is the #1 culprit of plateaus/lack of progress. In fact, taking shit could simply set you back. If you let it, of course. But the two work hand in hand. If you’re focused enough on working hard then you’ll automatically not take shit because any outside influence that could potentially bring you down are automatically ignored. Try them out, then come back to me with your success story.
  10. 10. This isn’t to be generalizing but thanks to the invention of the “Smart” phone these once fascinating girls all seem to be interested in using their phone to take pictures of food (you know, in case you’ve never seen food before) and applying make up to the face. Like I said, there ain’t no more to it.
  11. 11. People haven’t been property for over 100 years so when somebody “steals” someones lover and nobody was kidnapped, then they are just coming off as a whiner. Thanks to liberty, freedom and personal choice we can choose our lovers and if your lover conveniently chooses someone over you in a sequence of events that makes it look like because of that someone, your lover chose that person, then, well, the “thief” wasn’t anymore of a thief than you were someone who leaves their wallet sitting on the ground. Leaving your front door unlocked for burglars. We are people who make choices and don’t steal people.
  12. 12. You would think with all of these seminars, workshops, websites, books, technology and more that people would be masters at communicating by now, but in fact they are at their worst! But why is that? Simple. They leave out the golden rule. In fact they flat out ignore it and ramble on about dumb, useless, irrelevant shit which makes their message in a hazy fog of fluff. And this fog just makes the “message” absolutely lost. What kind of communication is that? Rambling won’t make your message anymore convincing and I’m pretty sure nobody wants to hear it. Only what needs to be said shall be spoken.
  13. 13. People change. People never change. Which one is it? Doesn’t matter. YOU can change. You are a product of your (awesome/shitty) habits and if it turns out your habits are making your personality a little less than pleasant then something needs to change. That something is the habits. If you’re anxious/pessimistic/complainy/ (insert whatever negative trait) it can totally be changed. It’s a long slow climb up to change a deep habit but a personality is not impossible to change. The challenge is being determined enough to change who you are. Question time. What fun is a personality that sucks?
  14. 14. Glorious morning sex. You wake up, have sex. It’s fantastic. But if she isn’t down for the renowned morning sex, then it only gets worse my friend. Pretty soon she won’t be down for afternoon sex. Then it only comes around every few days. Then sex becomes weekly. Then monthly. You see the pattern? But hey this is normal, isn’t it? Yes, but not until years into the relationship (usually marriage). So if you’re willing to accept this destiny, by all means choose your fate. But don’t be surprised when you’re having less sex than single people.
  15. 15. Some people have a hard time resisting delicious food when it’s in front of them. That’s difficult. But it’s much easier to resist BUYING the actual food than it is EATING the food. But of course you can’t eat it until you buy it first. This is where the 1st commandment of dieting comes in. Changing eating habits is hard, but changing spending habits is not only easier but also important to change your eating habits. If you don’t buy it, then you can’t eat it. So simple! Exercise discipline with purchasing and you won’t need to face the daunting task of resisting delicious food in front of you. It was never purchased!
  16. 16. Spoiler Alert (even though this episode came out like 50 years ago): In the future/future Korea people can choose a face when they are of a certain age (18). There are many different faces but number 12 is a popular choice. I won’t say anymore but this may sound familiar. This sounds super familiar if you are from South Korea because, well, this already exists over there. Yes. Choosing your face. Yes. Looking like everybody else. Yes. Choosing to be altered to be “beautiful”. If the Twilight Zone can predict the future of Korea in this episode, then what other predictions of theirs will come true?
  17. 17. You’ve all heard the story of the girl/guy who used to be so nice and sweet and then turned bitch/bastard, but have you heard of the bitch/bastard who turned nice and sweet? No? Yeah, cause it doesn’t exist! Not even screenwriters in Hollywood could create anything to make that concept believable. It’s a shame but people either get “slightly” better, stay as they are, or go downhill. And if a girl/guy is kindasorta leaning to that bastard/bitch side, then that’s your sign from the heavens to split cause it won’t get better. It never does. Not even in romantic comedies.
  18. 18. So many people wish to speak their mind without any hesitation but are afraid. Keep in mind this is the same species who fought off animals for food to merely survive. Now it’s considered fearful to say what you think (sober, of course). Well, someone who speaks their mind is something to admire. After all, they are not only expressing themselves how others wish they could but they are overcoming the fear. I mean, what’s really there to fear? People being offended? People considering you a fool? People in general? HA! Much admiration goes to the one who fears not of man.
  19. 19. Genuine fun is when the day turns to night so fast your head spins. Genuine fun is when you can’t recall a time so good and don’t even want to recall the past because the present is so great. Genuine fun is feeling life, instead of living it. Genuine fun is that feeling you have when you are drunk, but the only difference is you drank nothing. Genuine fun is stumbling upon something great and having no idea how you got there, but you don’t want to leave. And if ANYBODY is genuine fun, then that’s the secret to happiness. People don’t want a good time. They want good times. Continuously. Genuine fun is a keeper.
  20. 20. Stupid shit is for youngsters. It’s for drama queens/kings (maybe). It’s for people who can’t prioritize. It’s for people who haven’t yet developed the realization that something is simply not worth their evaporating time. Well, one day they will learn, but until that time they haven’t reached maturity. Mature is putting aside this stupid shit (whatever it may be, believe me it increases exponentially year after year) and placing your concern on the things that really matter. Now this is all subjective and depends on the person but when it’s stupid shit, you’ll KNOW it. Mature = knowing it and not caring about it.
  21. 21. You know the phrase “Get your mind of the gutter” but what exactly is “The Gutter”? Well, for men, the gutter is that cloudy mindset that has your mind thinking about girls/women/sex but your mind isn’t exactly focused and controlled so you end up in situations feeling bad and worse. And you know the Pussy Chases. The ones that feel like chases for a “desirable” outcome but really don’t fulfill you as you expected once attained. How fun/productive are those? For the optimum results it’s best to escape the Gutter. If you see your mind venturing into the gutter, remember this. The Gutter is for trash, not minds.
  22. 22. Getting tastes in your mouth is like seeing new colors. New hues, new swirls, new shades, new spectrums. These tastes can come from anywhere. Food, drink, experiences, the list goes on. And the magic about taste is that unlike sight and sound, it’s hard to forget. How often do you forget a taste? Not nearly as often as you forget a face. Granted some tastes won’t be very tasty, that’s the joy of it. Tastes=experiences=learning. Never tasted it before? Try it out. And I’m talking about a lot more than food if you nahhmean girrrrl.
  23. 23. If you’re a guy then you must be aware of the number one benefit of being male and that’s being far less emotional than females. Of course this mustn’t be ignored and instead be carefully focused in order to avoid the bear trap called “over emotional woman”. This bear trap is usually set by breaking the sensitivity barrier which may be strong for you (cause you’re a guy) but this barrier is 20x weaker for women. Even if you think they can withhold whatever you tell them, you gotta divide their barrier weakness/multiply their sensitivity by 20. Because getting caught in that bear trap is no fun. About as much fun as they have setting that trap. It’s not their fault. It’s science!
  24. 24. The emotional scale of women is broken! That’s obvious, but here is the magic ratio. 20-1. This states that you can shower her with compliments, praise and other nice things but if you say just ONE bad thing, critique, insult or whatever then you’ve just pushed yourself back. It’s like money. Very easy to lose, hard to gain. Same deal. For men (and maybe children too) the ratio is a pretty simple 1-1. You say something nice and it’s as impactful as saying something unpleasant. But no, not with women. Remember the sensitivity issue? 20-1 is that issue. So if you feel something bad coming off the tip of your tongue, try to remember 20-1. Cause it’s a set back.
  25. 25. The first hard slam, whether it’s off a skateboard or in a relationship can go two (completely opposite) ways after. Make you totally afraid of ever having to endure that again or make you totally fearless because you’ve seen the Devil and know that you’ve just walked off from the worst that could happen. It all depends on how you view crises and how to move forward. Physical damage heals naturally. Emotional damage takes a different route. Regardless, the damage of ANY “slam” is recoverable and able to be handled so after your first hard slam/encounter with Satan, you know you can handle it. Resulting in fearlessness.
  26. 26. Having girls stare at you usually means either you’re famous, the man of her DREAMS or she’s crazy (and has had a bad year). But guys dream to have girls stare at them and think that it’s the green light for sexual advancement. But alas, it’s not. Especially since girls try (really) hard not to stare (for obvious reasons). Fortunately, you don’t need her stares to know she’s feeling you but instead “the look” (See Picture). When you get better at recognizing “the look” then it’ll become more apparent in the future. It’s almost uncontrollable and instinctual for a woman to make “the look” so you know it’s legit. A look that says a lot but not so much at the same time.
  27. 27. People tend to be upset at what other people think/believe despite the fact that it’s totally out of their control. On top of that, when matters like that get worse, they get incredibly discouraged. But one cannot change the thinking of anyone. Just influence and try to convince, but change involves mind control which is kinda/sorta tricky. Therefore, there is no purpose in becoming discouraged over something beyond your control. T h e s o o n e r t h i s i s r e a l i z e d , t h e l e s s discouragement you’ll come across because let’s be real. What makes most people upset is what other people think and frankly that’s absurd. It’s setting yourself up for being discouraged. No bueno.