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How To Make The ULTiMATE Grilled Cheese Sandwich: 9 EASY Steps!


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How To Make The ULTiMATE Grilled Cheese Sandwich is HERE!

Chez Bear teaches you how to make the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich to impress everyone you know!

In Nine Easy Steps!

Step I) Get Ingredients. All you need is cheese (like 2 or 3 slices), 2 slices of bread, like 4 Tablespoons of Butter and like 3 or 4 slices of Bacon (Optional/HiGHLY Recommended)

Step II) Heat Stove on Medium and Butter Pan. The smoother the pan, the better.

Step III) Grill The Bacon. Simply.

Step IV) Butter both sides of each slice of bread. (BeaR CULiNARY TiP!: Butter the crust and sprinkle it with grated cheese to create Cheesus Crust (Very blessed.)

Step V) Add to the pan.It's a good idea to drain the bacon grease first though.

Step VI) Grill until Golden Brown (Grill until Brazilian. Puerto Rican is overdone. Lebanese is under done)

Step VII) Grill the crusts. All 4 sides. This helps make a nice crispy crust as well as grilling the cheese WiTHOUT burning the bread.

Step VIII) Cut It! If you can do it with a Hattori Hanzo sword, then do it! For best presentation, cut it diagonally.

Step IX) Enjoy! It's cheese, bread, butter and bacon in all it's glory. The taste of accomplishment.

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How To Make The ULTiMATE Grilled Cheese Sandwich: 9 EASY Steps!

  1. 1. HoW To THe MaKe CHeeSe GRiLLeD uLTiMaTe
  2. 2. HoW To THe MaKe CHeeSe GRiLLeD uLTiMaTe
  3. 3. STeP I GeT iNGReDieNTS BaCoN CHeeSe BuTTeR BReaD
  4. 4. II HeaT SToVe & BuTTeR oN MeDiuM PaN STeP
  5. 5. GRiLL STeP III BaCoN
  6. 6. STeP IV BuTTeR BReaD BoTH SiDeS!
  7. 7. V aDD To PaN STeP
  8. 8. STeP VI GRiLL uNTiL GoLDeN BRoWN BoTH SiDeS!
  10. 10. STeP VIII CuT iT!CuT
  11. 11. STeP VIII CuT iT!CuT HHHH
  12. 12. STeP VIII CuT iT!
  13. 13. STeP IX eNJoy!