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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter One


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This is the Brillzdom Book
Chapter One

Brillzdom Explained.
Brillzdom Visualized.
Brillzdom for the People.

You love it.

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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter One

  1. 1. The Brillzdom Book Chapter One
  2. 2. Many have read Brillzdom and have speculated their meanings. Well the speculation ends! For the first time, Brillzdom is EXPLAINED! Yes, it’s true. A more in-depth glimpse is given on the first 25 Brillzdom entries to give more understanding on the brilliant wisdom that enhances life, changes mentalities for the better and assures you that life is worth living to not only use the Brillzdom but even create your own. For those who’ve wondered.... I/X
  3. 3. Images have this magic power that words don’t quite have. They hold attention better than words do and who can blame them. They require less time to decipher and nobody seems to have any time to spare. These days everything is flooded everywhere with images. Text is dead. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” or so they say. This is 2014. I give it another 3 or so years before we’re using images to explain things and text is a thing of the past. Catch up with the times. Brillzdom is now Images....until the release of this book.....ironically.
  4. 4. Phones (smart or not quite there yet) have made people more interested in a small device that “connects” others than actually connecting with others. But I mean, why actually interact with somebody when I can do it without interacting?? The law of least effort? Phones have made people less compassionate, less interested in other people and more drone like. It’s only a matter of time when people won’t even need to step outside of their homes. Why when everything I care about is on my phone??? Lame.
  5. 5. The great nation of Japan, like other nations, has its share of bad guys. But one trumps them all (even Godzilla) and that is their negative monster in their head that develops from birth and tells them how much they suck. The Japanese call this monster “Japanese Modesty” but we may know it as “Negative Self Talk”. This is a country where it’s looked down upon to talk about your skills, abilities, talents and knowledge to avoid sounding “arrogant”. So it’s no wonder that their climb to potential is cut short by this voice in their head and why their neighbors/”rivals” China and Korea are coming in and changing the game. Japan could use some arrogance.
  6. 6. Optimum efficiency states to work all the time you work. This way you get your stuff done in record time, can go home earlier and do whatever you want. Long ago people used to work at work but these days people tend to lollygag and surf the interweb. Thus an acronym was coined. NSFW or “Not Safe For Work”. Simply because we are at work doing something other than working and this could be hazardous to our colleagues if they were to see this, nevermind that we aren’t actually working but if they saw THIS. Oh Dear. And to answer the question, no, nobody seems to be efficient and work at work anymore.
  7. 7. Whatever Asian cultures believe of the voodoo, mind control, absolute uncontrollable chaos that ensues after people smoke marijuana is holding them back. To be exact, from relaxing, creativity, out of the box thinking and the possible health benefits of medical marijuana. And to that I say Asian people need a blunt! Imagine the creativity infused with the already creative Japanese culture. Imagine the culinary delights a Chinese chef can construe when he/she is blazed enough. Maybe Korean girls would be less uptight and more focused on actual things beyond image! hahahahaha I’m kidding!...... I’m not.
  8. 8. Since guys don’t carry around a vagina, they aren’t too concerned about the hygiene of their partner’s vagi. But as little as girls tell them how important it is to them, it really is! SO for best pleasure for both her and you, keep your fingernails short so she can LOVE that fingering. Let me put it this way: fingering with long nails is like her jacking you off with callused hands and sandpaper. No fun! When your fingers (which are stronger than hers) are clean and painless, she LOVES it.
  9. 9. The truth is that anyone can always do better but you gotta put demographics and other factors into the picture. Is there someone HERE that’s better? Can I do better myself? How far can I raise the stakes? These questions and more take careful consideration but cannot be dwelled upon since time is of the essence (most of the time). Rule of Thumb: Unless I, myself have personally downgraded, upgrade from the last. Yeah I can do better.
  10. 10. Bumping into people seems like a sure fire way to meet anybody. The conversation will usually consist of apologies, some reasons for the actions and if you’re lucky some small talk. You really catch a person at their most candid when you bump into them and that’s their true self. Try walking backwards, sideways, sidebackwards (?) or just don’t look. It’s a way to meet people and is worth the trip.
  11. 11. Everybody loves eating but girls have a divine love for it and eat more “passionately” if you will, than men. They simply enjoy it more. This finding has concluded one of the (many) reasons girls get fat. The equivalent of eating to women is checking out girls to men. Obviously both genders enjoy eating and checking out the opposite sex but one gender likes one act more than the other and one gender LOVES another act more than the other. It’s the gift that’s a curse.
  12. 12. Think girls are easy come easy go there are millions of them out there I can take ‘em and leave ‘em as I please? So are men. In fact, so are YOU. Unless you hold the Master Sword or a seat in royalty, girls are technically no more disposable than men are. YOU in particular. Girls like to think it’s not true. Guys like to think it’s not true. Someone’s gotta end up with someone. It’s True!
  13. 13. The norms of both going to bars and meeting potential mates have changed. Apparently, it’s the norm to spend an entire evening (as well as some of your wages for the week) to go to an uncomfortable place to have an overpriced drink all for the opportunity to find someone who could be a potential hook up. And what happens with norms is that they become so common place that people don’t even question their ridiculous logic. No matter how fucking funny it is. It’s true. (This image is of both a man from the past AND the future). How valuable is YOUR time and money?
  14. 14. This basically states that some women will be women. They will do things that should never unpleasantly surprise you because it’s in their nature to do unpredictably illogical things. Not all girls are hoez but if you’re ever surprised/hurt/ saddened/etc. from something a ho does, then you’re forgetting that hoez gon be hoez and it’s in their bloodstream to do ho-ish things. If it’s alright with you to stick by them with their unpredictable/ sometimes destructive behavior then by all means. . . . . Understand this and your hangups will die............forever.
  15. 15. It’s not when people know what they want that they have trouble. It’s when they DON’T know what they want. When clarity becomes an issue of desire and they live without a clear goal in mind and wonder what’s gone wrong. To clear this mess up, it’s best to know what you REALLY FUCKING want. By that I mean, what do you want more than anything? A yacht? A Sexy Wife? $50,000? Whatever. Once you have that answer your troubles on not knowing what you want fade like leaves and you can start living each day with that in mind.
  16. 16. Men reach this summit of mental clarity AFTER they come which answers the question women have of “Why does he change right after sex?” After this moment, your priorities shift, sex is less valued (as it should be) and you realize what it is you really want. This could be good or bad for women, but women must understand it’s just a complexity of the male mind. Unfortunately men seem to make many (important) decisions before coming hence their poor choices and resulting mistakes.
  17. 17. Apparently it’s become common knowledge that in order to attract a mate one must put on a façade, have a routine song and dance and must present sharp job-interview like answers to preliminary questions. It’s not that complex. You just talk and like a snowball rolling down a mountain, it would get better and progress or disintegrate. But nothing begins without talking and nothing progresses without talking, therefore if you want to skip reading an entire book, just talk to them. You’re smart enough that you don’t need a book to teach you.
  18. 18. In the age of electronics, things keep their original feeling while going digital. And that feeling is DANGEROUSLY similar but never quite the same. Granted one is far more convenient, practical and (possibly) cost efficient but there is nothing quite like the real thing. That is, until the definition of the “real thing” changes as time goes by and what was once THE feeling has become a thing of the past. Point= nothing like the CURRENT real thing. Who knows how that’ll be in the future?
  19. 19. Mastery could be defined as doing things so easily that it were as if they were nothing, or of no conscious value. Something like speaking your first language, riding a bicycle, typing on a phone etc. Your main aim for mastering any skill in life should be to do it as if it were nothing this way you don’t spend valuable conscious effort and mental space when you do these actions. When you do things as if they were nothing, you aren’t phased out, you aren’t investing anything emotionally and you have more conscious effort to use on skills that have yet to be mastered.
  20. 20. Asian women are a special kind of women thanks to their femininity , exoticness, sex appeal and charm. Based off this, you could never go wrong with Asian. They don’t have as many problems as women of the western world (not yet at least) and are strikingly appealing to men of all walks. It’s no surprise there are more mixed couples and even less surprising there are more mixed children. Asians are the future as Asian women are to the future of women and no, you can’t go wrong. Ever.
  21. 21. Your competition can teach you so much more than one would think since they are what you strive to be AND destroy. Maybe not to that extent but a great deal can be learned from them as far as bettering yourself that pretty soon you’ve learned so much that the student doesn’t become the teacher, but the student becomes the competition of the (once) competition. In the world of competition, it’s best to view them as teachers who can teach you how to be THEIR competition. With enemies like these, who needs friends?
  22. 22. Love is Love. Even if you’re a girl and a guy. A guy and a guy. A girl and a girl. Wigglytuff and Psyduck. Doesn’t matter. In a world where love between indifferent individuals is seen as a travesty, nothing says love like continuing to love despite the hate. Key thing to remember when being with someone: Do I love them? If so, then anything else that conflicts should be disregarded, especially if it’s hate. Love is love. Doesn’t matter who/what you are.
  23. 23. While it is totally worth your time to read Dale Carnegie’s classic, the basic gist of the book in two simple words is to be interested. When you hold interest in people they become more interested in you simply because you are interested in them. Nothing shows interest in someone like listening and asking questions and to win friends and have them influenced by your actions all begins with being interested in them so they take your interest as a connection and thus connections create friends. Can’t find anything interesting? Look closer.
  24. 24. A common girl rule is that if a girl didn’t want something to be seen, Lord knows she’d cover it up. If that were the case with breasts, then they’d be covered up........but they’re not. Thus if they aren’t covered up, then girls want them to be seen. Any sort of attention is a hit (drug hit) to the girl ego that they can’t get enough of while not getting attention is a literal hit to their ego. So go ahead, give them the attention they want and look. But not too much. Too much gives their ego an undeserved overboost not to mention makes you look creepy.
  25. 25. The purpose of foreplay is to get the girl absolutely PSYCHED for your dick so much that she interrupts your foreplay to cut straight into sex. This may take some time but that is the purpose of foreplay and that is how you get her psyched for your dick and that is how you turn sex into lovemaking. Not getting her psyched just results in a less excited partner which leads to less exciting sex. Simple mathematics. THEREFORE fantastic foreplay (ask her!) is the cornerstone of getting her psyched.
  26. 26. When one of life’s tricky situations comes into play, one must think, but produce quality thoughts over a quantity of thoughts. The quality of thoughts is often referred to as “Thinking things over” which consists of giving absolute focus and clarity to the situation and decision making. This is ABSOLUTELY different from over-thinking things which involves a large quantity of thoughts (much more than needed) which results in slower action time, hesitation, and possible errors due to negative thinking, which is a common side effect of over- thinking. Think that one over.
  27. 27. If anybody deserves congratulations (deserved or not) it’s most certainly you. I mean we congratulate other people for their accomplishments incredibly easily but when it comes to ourselves we tend not to c o n g r a t u l a t e t h e o n e p e r s o n w h o s e accomplishments have enhanced that very same person’s life. A simple “Congratulations” or “You did well” is enough to move self confidence like moving a mountain. It’s your choice. Congratulate yourself more often or you could save it for people that “deserve it” more than you.