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Job board concierge service


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Learn how you can get a job board started in one week or less with this service from

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Job board concierge service

  1. 1. A ​complete A to Z ​setup & launch service for those interested in starting their job                                board on either the or platform. It’s the quickest,                      easiest way to get started in the job board industry.    SERVICE DETAILS  For the price of $1,200 (USD) Chris Russell from ​Job Board Secrets will get your job                                board live in about 1 week including;  ● A one hour prep call with you to plan the project, discuss details and answer                              your questions.  ● Explain what third party tools you need to sign up for such as MailChimp and                              Stripe.  ● Get it backfilled with jobs.  ● Setup and configure the entire backend panel inside ​ or ​Smart Job                        Board​ according to your niche requirements.  ● Create a basic logo and design theme for your new job board.  ● Mentor you on how to market and sell to employers and job seekers. (free                            ebooks)  ● Conduct one hour tutorial with you on how it runs and how to manage site                              going forward.  ● Submit your new site to Google Jobs 
  2. 2. Chris will set you up for job board success. This service is great for those new to the                                    industry or anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of configuring and launching on their                            own.  Sample sites Chris has helped launched: ​JobMote​, ​Wall Street Careers​, and                        AviaNation​ many more.  ABOUT CHRIS RUSSELL  Chris is a consultant in the job board industry and is widely considered to be the “mad                                  scientist of online recruiting” by his peers. He has built, operated and sold dozens of                              local and niche job boards since 1999 when he got started in the industry.  ABOUT ​ offers a complete and powerful hosted job board solution for anyone who                          wants to start an online recruiting business. Built in the USA, it is the premier software                                platform for niche and local job boards everywhere. The company was recently                        acquired by ZipRecruiter.  ABOUT ​SmartJobBoard  Smart Job Board is a complete hosted solution for those want a job board in a box.  Sites are highly customizable and both Google and Mobile friendly.      To get started email ​​ or call 203-572-2053.