Cognitive Abilities


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Cognitive Abilities

  1. 1. Society’s View of Performance Enhancing Supplements: Anabolic Steroids and Human Growth Hormones (H.G.H.)
  2. 2. What are they?Anabolic Steroids Human Growth Hormones• Steroids are synthetic versions of • HGH works a lot like anabolic hormones your body produces steroids but your body produces naturally. them naturally• Main concern is anabolic • No way to test for them steroids, from the male hormone testosterone. Which increases size/strength and helps body recover faster from workouts• Testing can be done, but one test is needed for every steroid• Cortisone and Birth control pills are legal non-anabolic steroids
  3. 3. Usage in Olympics• Russians beating Americas in space race and Olympics. Russian weight lifting coach got drunk and told the American weight lifting coach they were injecting their athletes with steroids. American coach went home and created an even more powerful one. Huge lift for America when they beat the Russians.
  4. 4. Media Influences- (Creating a false image)• Wrestling- USA was fighting in Iran (Hulk Hogan beats the Iron Sheik) Moral victory for USA population• Movies- Rocky, Arnold S., Rambo (Super Americans taking on the world)• Mr. and Mrs. Olympia competitions- Arnold is the poster child for P.E.S. He won Mr. Olympia 7 times, once at only 19 years old.• Professional Baseball heroes (Canseco, McGwire, Giambi, Bonds)
  5. 5. Rocky Younger/Older
  6. 6. Arnold Younger/Older
  7. 7. Hulk Hogan and The Iron Sheik
  8. 8. Robinson/Bonds
  9. 9. The truth• Hulk Hogan admitted his body was from 12 years of steroid use• Rocky/Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) charged with importing performance enhancing drugs• Arnold also publicly admitted steroid use for his competitions• Canseco wrote a book saying 80% of baseball players were taking steroids. He also named a few names (including McGwire and Bonds)
  10. 10. Why People Use Them?Medical Advantages, Psychological Reasons, and Competitive Advantages
  11. 11. Medical AdvantagesAnabolic Steroids Human Growth Hormones• Muscle wasting • Child Growth• Burn victims • Muscle Mass• Cancer patients • Bone Density• AIDs • Cardiovascular• Pituitary Malfunction • Decreases Cholesterol• Transsexual Women • AIDs• Bone Marrow Stimulation • Burn victims • Quality of life for women during Menopause
  12. 12. Psychological Reasons• A person who wants to be like their childhood Idols (Rambo/Hulk Hogan) the only way to look like them is by using performance enhancing supplements.• “Little Man Complex”- Feeling inadequate• One who takes them to get strong will continue to take them because they do not want to lose strength
  13. 13. Competitive AdvantagePerformance Enhancing Other performanceSupplements (Illegal) Advantages (Legal)• A need to be competitive (if • Tiger Woods got Lasik eye surgery and now sees 20/15 my opponents do it, I have • Cortisone shots are legal for pain to do it to compete with and can be more dangerous than them) illegal performance enhancing supplements• Increase performance • Floyd Landis slept in an altitude chamber when he won the Tour de France. It simulates high altitude and increases red blood cells, which means more oxygen, which means more endurance for long distances
  14. 14. Side Effects of Anabolic SteroidsMales Females• Acne, hair growth, • Acne, hair growth, deeper shrinkage of testis, lower voice, menstrual problems, sperm count, even sterile, enlarge clitoris Gynecomastia (male boobs) • Some are not reversible• All can be reversed when after discontinuing use one goes off the drug.• Doesn’t make you go bald but if it runs in the family it can make you go bald faster.
  15. 15. Side Effects (cont.)• Every single drug has side effects, even vitamins• Side effects can vary from person to person• If a drug is abused then there will be a greater risk of side effects• Only high dosages of oral anabolic steroids can cause liver damage• No known long term side effect of anabolic steroids
  16. 16. How does one obtain them?• Illegally- – Pet store in Mexico- saying it is for your pet – Online internet sites- cheapest• Legally- Without medical “need” – One can go to a chiropractor and get a take home urine test (tests hormone levels in urine) – Then the chiropractor analyzes the data and has another doctor, which you never meet, to write you a prescription. – The FDA has never clarified what proper hormone levels are so it is up to the doctor to interpret.
  17. 17. Successful Stories• One man had AIDs, was down to two T-cells and weighed 120 lbs. After taking performance drugs he gained 300 T-cells and 30 pounds in 6 weeks.• Canadian sprinter, Ben Johnson, beat America’s Carl Lewis in the 100 meter sprint in the 1988 Seoul Korean Olympics. Johnson was the fastest man in history, however, he tested positive for steroids and Lewis got the gold.
  18. 18. Truth• Anabolic steroids made it possible for the man with AIDs to survive.• Carl Lewis also failed a drug test in America before he competed in Seoul Korea and it was covered up.
  19. 19. Horror Stories• Baseball hearings- Taylor Hooton committed suicide and his father blamed steroids, he spoke out against steroids at the hearings. He said that his son quitting the use of steroids cold turkey had caused him to commit suicide.• Chris Benoit killed himself and family out of “Roid Rage”.• A young high school kid took steroids to get bigger and stronger. He did, but it cost him his good looks and lots of acne.
  20. 20. Truth• Taylor Hooton was taking many drugs, other than steroids, including anti-depressants that are known to cause suicides.• Chris was also on a lot of other drugs and there is no way to scientifically prove that steroids were the sole cause. “Roid Rage” is very rare and anabolic steroid use cannot make one psychotic.• The kids dealer wanted to make more money so he told him to take 3 times the normal amount so he could make more money off the kid.
  21. 21. My Opinion• Performance Enhancing Supplements are a risk/reward trade off. One must know both.• P.E.S. are the same to me as risking an operation to get plastic surgery. (vanity)• One should be able to obtain P.E.S. only with a doctor’s prescription and without medical reasons. This way they can be monitored both (physically/psychologically) and take the safe amount.• The Olympics and professional sports should continue the ban on the illegal P.E.S. Maybe even consider others to ban as well.
  22. 22. Future• More research needs to be done in order to draw conclusions about long term side effects of performance enhancing supplements.• Media should educate the public more and not spin the truths away from scientific facts.
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