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DWR Letter of Commendation for Chris Rogers


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DWR Letter of Commendation for Chris Rogers

  1. 1. Disaster Waste Recovery Lower Court Littlehempston Totnes TQ9 6LU UK Tel: +44 (0)7969 725 418 E-mail: 27th November 2015 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disaster Waste Recovery Disaster Waste Recovery is a company limited by guarantee Registered Company No. 5913369 (England) Registered Office: Lower Court, Littlehempston, Totnes. TQ9 6LU. UK To Whom it May Concern DWR Letter of Commendation: Chris Rogers I am hereby pleased to write this Letter of Commendation for Chris Rogers who has been an integral part of DWR’s demolition and debris works in Nepal during 2015. Chris was deployed early in the response to the Nepal Earthquake and worked for DWR fulltime for a 6 month period delivering excellent professional demolition advice and support to communities affected by the earthquake. During his tenure with DWR Chris provided hands on training for many of the Nepalese engineers involved in demolition, was the country’s leading demolition and debris expert attracting a wide range of gratitude and recognition for his dedicated work in often extremely difficult operational circumstances. Chris’s demolition experience will be missed in Nepal due to funding completion and I fully recommend Chris for any future deployments or assignments that centre around demolition and debris management. Yours sincerely, Martin Bjerregaard Director Tel: +44 7967 725 418