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The Magic Wallet - Understanding The Value Of Business Networkers


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This fun presentation is excellent for teach business networking groups the value each individual brings, as well as the collective value of the group. Using a "magic" wallet, an old, worn business card, and $37 in various dollar bills, business networkers can identify their current value and what level of value they would like to achieve.

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The Magic Wallet - Understanding The Value Of Business Networkers

  1. 1. The Magic Wallet Increase your Business Network value by using your Wallet
  2. 2.
  3. 3. THE “MAGIC” WALLET The Magic Wallet is a representation of your business networking group and the value it contains. Inside the magic wallet we will find a few items that represent a business networker and their stages of value to the group.
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  5. 5. THE OLD, WORN BUSINESS CARD Represents the new person to the networking group. A person who may or may not have any interest in joining, but is apparently there to try to get business as quickly as possible.
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  7. 7. THE OLD $1 BILL Represents the person who has started to come to the business networking group on a regular basis, where group members are now getting familiar with this potential member.
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  9. 9. THE NEW $1 BILL Represents a new member to the group, a person who has the growing potential of someone who may be able to use services of other members, but someone who may possibly be able to get business from other members as well.
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  11. 11. THE NEW $5 BILL Represents a member who has used the services of the other members of the business networking group. This person shows commitment to the group and trust of other member’s services. This person also meets with other members outside of the group.
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  13. 13. THE NEW $10 BILL Represents the a business networker who uses many services of members in the group. This person has been a member of the group for a longer period, is no longer considered “new”, and receives referrals from other group members. This person also shares business referrals among the group members.
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  15. 15. THE NEW $20 BILL Represents the ultimate business networker. Not only does this person have the value of an avid networker, but this person also attracts others into business networking, to the group, and inspires others to become more valuable business networkers.
  16. 16. What is your value? Each of you has a value, to each other and to the group. Build relationships, refer business, receive business, and stay committed.
  17. 17. Thank you!