Romantic Ideas - 14 Ways to Ignite, Maintain, Or Increase the Fire!


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Here are some really simple ways to make your lovemaking hotter, steamier and more passionate, starting tonight!

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Romantic Ideas - 14 Ways to Ignite, Maintain, Or Increase the Fire!

  1. 1. ==== ====Click on the link for your free eBook:- 101 Romantic Ideas ====The romantic ideas presented here come in two different flavors. Some of them offer an unusualtwist to traditional methods and some of them are original.Romantic Idea #1: Send unpredictable notes. Send or leave short notes about your love for themor your appreciation for something they did for you on a continuous, but unpredictable basis.Sending them by email is okay, but hand written notes are better. To add a little spice, put them inunusual locations where you know they will find them.Romantic Idea #2: Send a stream of buds. Have a florist deliver a small "bud" vase of flowers forseveral days, weeks, or months before a special day or event like an anniversary, Valentines Day,weekend getaway, vacation, or marriage proposal. Include one of those tiny florists cards with anote about how you feel about them with each delivery.Flowers have traditionally been a gift for women, but most men appreciate them as well. Just besure that the florist picks a vase and flower colors that are appropriate for a man. If you know thathe will not appreciate receiving flowers, send him a basket of fruit or cheese and crackers.Although purchasing a group of bud vase deliveries is one of the most economical choices youcan make at a florist, there is a less expensive alternative. Many grocery stories now have smallflorist departments. You will not find as broad of an assortment of flowers and vases, but the costis usually less. Doing it this way, you would need to drop by a store in your area periodically, pickout the flowers and a card, and deliver it yourself.Romantic Idea #3: Buy some special tickets and deliver them with fanfare. Buy tickets to aconcert or play that you know they would love to see and send them to where they work. Use amail delivery service that requires a signature to create some fanfare when they arrive. Be sure toinclude a note from you with the delivery. You might also add a written plan for the evening thatincludes dinner and/or drinks before the show. If you really want to make it special evening, rent alimousine! Include a picture of it from the companys website or phone book advertisement withyour note.Romantic Idea #4: Plant a symbolic tree. Give them a five (5) to 15 gallon tree with a notecomparing your love and/or relationship with the growth of the tree. This gift will go on remindingthem of you in a bigger and bigger way for years! I am recommending a five (5) to 15 gallon treefor these reasons: They are less expensive, easier to handle, and usually grow better than largerones.Be sure to find out how to plant it properly. You do not want this symbol of your love to DIE! If itdoes, I would suggest that you replace it immediately!
  2. 2. If they live in an apartment or condominium, just get them a tree that grows indoors.Romantic Idea #5: Give them tiny gifts. Buy some tiny gifts that are symbolic of some aspect ofyour relationship, in an amount that matches the length of time youve been together or thenumber of days leading up to an important event. These gifts should be inexpensive, but wellthought out. Focus on clever, funny, and outrageous things. If youre artistic, make the gifts.Romantic Idea #6: Go out to dinner backwards. Go to an area that has an ice cream, pastry, andcandy store within walking distance of each other. Start the evening by going to a place where youcan just sit, relax, and talk for as long as you want. Then when youre ready, go shopping fordessert! Go to each one of stores and just look around and take in the wonderful fragrances.When youre done, talk about your favorites in as much detail as youre inspired to do. Finally, goback, buy a couple, and savor each bite! Next, go to a nice restaurant, but instead of dinner orderseveral hors doeuvres! If youre still hungry after all that go ahead and order dinner.Romantic Idea #7: Dine under the stars at sunSET! Make or purchase a nice dinner and take it tothe beach, lake, or park just before sunset. Spit up the chores according to your individual talents.Add some panache by bringing a tablecloth, candles, and firewood. If you have a portableCD/MP3 player bring that too, but put forth the effort to select just the right music.Romantic Idea #8: Dine under the stars at sunRISE! The peacefulness and privacy is what makesthis particular time of day special. Make or purchase a nice breakfast and take it to the beach,lake, or park just before sunrise. Spit up the chores according to your individual talents. Add somepanache by bringing a tablecloth and firewood. If you have a portable CD/MP3 player bring thattoo, but put forth the effort to select just the right music.Romantic Idea #9: Have dinner in a bubble bath! Place a nice board across the center of the tub.Place scented candles in strategic locations. Place a small table or box next to the tub for extraspace as needed. This probably goes without saying, but be sure that the ENTIRE bathroom isspotless and fresh smelling!Finger foods or heavy hors doeuvres works best in this situation. After the tub is filled with hotwater and mountains of bubbles turn off the lights, put on some appropriate music (in a roomnearby), and invite them to join you. Bon voyage!Notes:1. I am recommending putting on music in a room nearby for these reasons: To eliminate thepossibility of electrocution and for better sound quality as bathrooms tend to create echoes.2. When using candles, it essential that you are vigilant when it comes to fire safety.Romantic Idea #10: Create a multi-sensory twilight environment inside your home. Get as manyscented candles as you can afford. Avoid candles that smell like food. Food scents are not asromantic as exotic fragrances. Arrange them strategically throughout your home. Turn off the lightscompletely. Put on some music with some real romantic passion like Andrea Bocellis Sogno CD.A perfect time to do this is during a romantic dinner at home, just before going out dancing, or atthe end of the evening. Note: When using candles, it essential that you are vigilant when it comesto fire safety.
  3. 3. Romantic Idea #11: Add some romantic surprise to a weekend getaway or vacation. Setup aweekend getaway or vacation to one of the places they have always wanted to go. Without themknowing, make one or more of these "special" arrangements:Option 1: Have some flowers and a card with a note from you delivered to your room BEFOREyou arrive. Calling a local florist near the hotel would be the most economical. Most hotels shouldbe able to accommodate your request as well, but it will be considerably more expensive.Option 2: Have basket of fruit, cheese, and crackers delivered to your room BEFORE you arrive.Local specialty stores and most hotels can fulfill this request as well. Be sure to include a notefrom you with this option as well.Option 3: At your own expense and without them knowing, upgrade your hotel room or ship cabinto a suite. Suites come in many different sizes and prices. Just ask the agent to describe them toyou including the amenities inside. A less expensive alternative would be to upgrade to locationwith a premium view, like an oceanfront room for example.Romantic Idea #12: Create "intimacy" by mutually agreeing to answer a special question. Ive usedthis question with only a few very special women and the outcome was amazing. Heres thequestion: "Would you create a list of 10 things that best describes me using single words or phrases, if I dothe same for you?"Note: It is recommended that you give yourselves several days to work on the list before you meetto exchange or present them. This will give you time to come up with a meaningful list and developsome tantalizing anticipation! Both steps provide a great opportunity for you to learn about yourselfand the other person.Romantic Idea #13: Create "romance" by mutually agreeing to answer a special question. This isone of my favorite questions. Heres the question:"Would you describe your perfect romantic evening, if I do the same?"Note: It is recommended that you write this description and then exchange, read, or talk about itduring a prearranged time. Be sure to give yourselves several days so that you can come up witha thorough description. This activity will give you insights into the secrets to pleasing them.Romantic Idea #14: Play your best romantic role. Go separately to a nightclub, coffee house, orother public place and sit across the room from each other, but in a location that gives you eyecontact. Play a "role" as though you have never met before. Do as you normally would when youmeet someone you find attractive. The fact that youve presented yourselves as not knowing oneanother in the beginning encourages you to play out your roles. This idea may sound strange, andits not for everyone, but the romantic sensations that tend to grow out of it can be interesting andexciting.
  4. 4. True love and creativity is the formula for romance.Brad PaulSolotopia.comCopyright © Brad PaulFor more dating questions, read my article on the Solotopia website entitled, "Dating Questions forSuccessful Relationships - 80 Tactical Questions."To see a list of all articles by category at, click: see the original article with graphics and links at, click: Paul is the founder of, which provides FREE resources for being singlesuccessfully whether a person chooses to remain unattached, just date, or find a perfect partner.Brad began learning about the needs of singles as he built and led a unique, highly successfulnon-profit singles organization. He refined his knowledge about singles as he researched andwrote books on finding a perfect partner and couples communication. Before changing careers,he headed a marketing group responsible for generating $400 million dollars in annual sales.Article Source: ====Click on the link for your free eBook:- 101 Romantic Ideas ====